The Big Show

Well here we are.  Some teams have had three weeks off since their last game, sorry about that, but that first week of playoffs replacing Sunday Shootout was really fun and gave every BoPo team a full playoff night experience.  Tonight we unveil the big board, introduce the teams, and start seeing some big time matchups. Eight more teams finish their season tonight, leaving just 24.  Only 16 will be alive when the PBA hits town.  It’s getting real!  On paper most of the close games are on Thursday but crazy things happen in the playoffs.

Playoff records so far:

Tuesday A 2-0: Tuesday B: 16-6: Thursday A 2-2: Thursday B 1-13

Early Games

Lots of mismatches early.  The crowds will be all over any game that even has a hint of an upset, so if you are an underdog strike early!

Oddballs (10-2) -9 vs Burners (4-10): The Burners stole the show last week.  They pulled off a thrilling upset over Roll Another, then one upped themselves beating BILF in 2 games on the strength of Chris Cross’ 220!  They got a lot of confidence going, and they’ll bring a lot of friends in to cheer them on.  The Oddballs are a bit of a machine, however, that should just crush the upstarts.  Brooklyn was last seen winning the BoPo Bracket tourney.  A few weeks ago both Tinderella and Heartbreak Kid had 700 series in the same match.  If they avoid any gift cupcakes they should win in 2.

Saucy Posse (10-2) -9 vs Ball That (6-8): Saucy Posse starts their title defense trying to shake history.  No BoPo team has ever repeated.  SauPo will have a hard road to hoe to get that second banner, but they should win handily in their opener.  Ball That moved down to B and struggled, but then took care of business in the play-ins.  At least they have the experience of playing Tuesday A teams so they know what to expect.  Just not sure how they match scores with the champs.

Sharks & Strikes (8-4) -9 vs My Balls (8-6):  Here come the Sharks.  They are a very popular pick to get a banner this year, and they like the high expectations.  The only real question for them is how they’ll manage their 8 player roster, but they cold probably use any combo they want in this one.  My Balls had a nice play-in week, and have some confidence after battling back from a 5-0 deficit in their opener.  Cygnus rolled a 256 in that game, and if he does that again he may squeak out a point, but I don’t see any other points in this one.  My Balls are solid but the the top 3 Tuesday A teams are supposed to cruise and they all will.

Turkey Club (8-4) -3 vs Spare of the Dog (3-8): Wait, what?  Minus three?  A team with three finals appearances vs a team that has made pretty clear they don’t even want to be bowling?  Well, it is kind of a rivalry game – these teams love to battle on the lanes and the flip cup table.  More importantly however is the absence of Buck Ripcord, the back to back Top Dog.  He’s out bowling pros in Syracuse, leaving his teammates to battle Probie.  Every now and then the Dog boys go off, we’ve all seen big games from Yao Romo and company.  The Club needs E-Minor on his A game, and Bora will need to step up too.  Hootie will be bowling all three for the Dogs with their captain Mona on vacation.  Ultimately I think Roadhouse carries the day with a 230 from Herk tossed in there, but with all three other early games over in two the crowd will be on this one, and if it’s close will be cheering loudly for the under Dogs.  BoPo loves an upset.

Late Games

Yahtzee (7-5) -9 vs Lion’s Den (4-8): Rick Vaughn had a bit of a breakout season and the Lion’s Den had more than their share of fun.  They may not be adding any more fun to their memory bank in this one, but they will give it their best shot.  Yahtzee was cruising toward the end of the regular season.  Tango is totally back, Lala slaughtered fools in the women’s doubles and Cheddar is a consistent top-point chaser.  If they start getting Sparkles back to form they’ll make another title run.

Binga’s (5-7) -5 vs Touch My Excitment (7-5): I see this going three but not being super close.  Binga’s was given up for dead until Dr Thunder’s constant belittling served as a bit of a defibrillator and shocked them back to life.  They need confidence and they have some right now.  Cookie’s new ball has him looking like the old doubles champ, and Tso and Jerk are throwing 200s pretty regularly.  La Gatita’s crew will come to battle and they could hang around.  Squatch likes playoffs, and La Ga had her best game against her best competition.  Le Uno will need a monster night to keep this one within reach.

Skol (6-6) -1 vs Leisure Rolls (6-6): One of the two games that look close on paper tonight, I think this one lives up to its billing.  The Rolls are just one of those dangerous but oft-overlooked squads that sneaks up and beats people in the playoffs.  Insanal has been their big game machine, but they also have D $ who rolled a 700 series in his last playoff appearance the Draft finals.  Magic is just Magic, he’ll hang around.  Oh, and noone would be shocked if Hard Knox posted another 200.  Skol has the top bowler in the match in Tommy Gunz and he should be able to handle any push from Insanal.  Viking and Automatic may put a little too much pressure on themselves, but Mrs. Brady will be a difference maker.  Looking forward to watching this one.

Sons of Danarchy (7-5) -1 vs Guacabowle (4-8): Game of the night in my book.  All eyes will be on Cooch for his BoPo playoff debut, but both these teams have some bowlers with serious big game potential.  Mitch Cumstein has had a ton of high 200s this year.  JR Hoss, Dentist and Sparetime all have averages in the high 180’s.  Ultimately the depth of SOD should be enough, given that I haven’t even mentioned Danny Diesel yet and he’s a proven playoff bowler. Bonita will need to have a career night for Guac to pull this off.  Otherwise their season will end much like most of their games, in heartbreaking fashion with another super close loss.


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