Farmer’s Sweet 16

The oh so sweet 16 are left, and its time for BoPo to get back to bowling after watching the pros rain down strikes for the past week.  I was surprised to see only one new brick last week, a second for Belmo.  And huge shout out to TDYOB’s Fertile Gnu, aka Typical House Bowler, aka Dick Allen for winning the singles tournament and also the Elias Cup.

On behalf of all of BoPo, I want to extend a huge thank you to all the staff at Bayside.  It is not easy to get your workplace turned upside down, yet you all continued to take great care of all of us.  We are indeed a fortunate crew to have the team at Bayside always be so great to us.  Thank you!!

Final week of BoPo.  And the weather is turning nice right on schedule.  I even golfed yesterday:

Seems like the PBA plague avoided most of us, so let’s see who remembers how to bowl:

Oddballs (-8) v. Bowl Trolls – This one is over in two.  Congrats to the Bowl Trolls for getting to the B finals, giving Urea! their first (and only) loss of the season.  Also huge shout out to Fuge for making some sweet ass pro am shirts as well as the official Elias Cup shirt this year.  Great stuff. Your reward is to get crushed by some jazzercising fools like Oddballs.

Saucy Posse (-7) v. Touch My Xcitement – I think this one goes three games (barely), and Saucy Posse continues their run in BoPo.  Sometime Posse member Robby Bobby was all over PBA week, and Splinter had a huge hard on for the Brunswick guys that only lasted an hour before they were eliminated last weekend.  Saucy Posse simply too strong for Touch.  I’d love to see LaGatita outscore Nut Sauce in a great lady battle, but the rest of Saucy is too much.

Sharks and Strikes (-1) v. BEER – Tough one to call, but give me the depth of Sharks over BEER tonight.  Hungus runs himself ragged when the PBA shows up (Again, Thank you Hungus!), and that’s got to result in regular bowling scores instead of huge monster scores.  I like Speedy Weiner, Railroad, and Ten Pin Haz Bin to carry the day.  Herb’n Legend wasn’t out all weekend like Sharks, so expect some big ones from him, but it won’t be enough in a great matchup.  Let’s all hope Dick shaved the mustache…

XXX Club (-3) v. OC – OC showed up huge last round, eliminating DHD in two games.  XXX Club hasn’t been firing on all cylinders, but I think the break was just what they needed.  XXX Club doesn’t lose until the finals (that’s kind of their thing), so give me Club over OC.  Buck is the best bowler in the match, and that spells victory for the club.  Gobble Gobble, motherfucker!

Y&B2 (-5) v. NED – NED is looking strong to win a B title, but their run at a BoPo title ends tonight at the hands of Y&B2.  The ladies of Y&B2, Milli Rocket and All Day Lemay, are not getting the credit they deserve for taking Y&B2 to another level.  They will have their full squad, including Glossy Mexican who put a scare into eventual Maine Shootout finalist John Furey.  So close Glossy!

I still like NED to raise a banner, but not the BoPo banner.  Burt will get his, but points 2, 3, and 4 all go to Y&B2.  It’ll take 3 games, but book Y&B2 to roll on Thursday in a match against XXX Club.

Skol (-1) v. BUI – BUI gets no respect, in spite of a second straight deep playoff run and a great 10-2 regular season.  The King of the Rooftop was able to get to his familiar spot Saturday, so he is feeling good.  Hexy was a doorperson extraordinaire last weekend, but was able to stay seated so she is ready to go.  Overlook these guys at your own peril.  Which is exactly what I am doing.

I lean Skol in this match because of Tommy Gunzzz.  He is a difference maker, and his big scores will tip the match to his team’s advantage.  Viking and Viqueen have hopefully rested up from the weekend, and need to be ready for a Thursday match with the Sharks/BEER winner.

Yahtzee (-3) v. LOS – Sorry LOS, Lala isn’t walking through that door.  Oh, wait, she is.  For Yahtzee!  This is a regular season rematch, won by LOS, but with playoff survival on the line, Yahtzee will dial in a killer lineup that will prove too much for the LOS crew.

I think Lala will be a huge factor in this match.  She looked great last weekend with her pin headdress, and I expect plenty of strikes from her.  I do not think that LOS can win the 3rd and 4th points, and that will lead to the loss.  Looking like Yahtzee v. Saucy Posse in the Quarters on Thursday!

Guacabowle (-1) v. Cape Fear – I have some inside info on this one….Cape Fear is ready for spring.  These nice days are not exactly firing them up to roll in advance of this match.  Guacabowle is ready to bowl.  Give me the motivated bowling crew.

Both of these teams must be happy they avoided some of the huge guns in the other matches, but nothing will come easy tonight.  Mitch Cumstein will bring the heat.  Dick Whitman will show up and roll a patented 216 in game 1 to set the tone.  Sparetime and Badger will score.  And Southpaw will be drunk.  It all adds up to a close win for Guac….and a date with the Oddballs.

Good Luck tonight!  Come check out the action….only 4 more nights of BoPo!

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