Thursday Playoffs

Listen up, all you Thursday BoPo folks who have been eliminated from the playoffs:  Come out and watch tonight!  It’s a fun time to see teams you don’t know much about take on teams from your night.  Not a ton of Thursday teams remain, come cheer them on!  Huge shout outs to Touch My Xcite and Guacabowle for getting wins over Bingas and SOD, and congrats on a great battle by Lion’s Den, taking Yahtzee to the tenth frame of the third game before losing 8-7.  Never know what you are going to see, so swing on by, grab a beer or three, and party!

Urea! (-5) v. Bowl Trolls – There is exactly 1 Thursday B team left alive in the playoffs.  So Urea! will have to carry the torch for the entire Division in tonight’s matchup.  The Bowl Trolls have had a great season, winning a lot of games where the other teams brought their C game.  Urea! doesn’t have a C game, they are a B team that would win games in A (on Thursday at least).  And tonight the firepower of Casual T and C Murda will propel them into the B finals on Championship Saturday.  It’ll also get them a matchup with the Oddballs next week….ouch. Oddballs never scared Hungry Eyes, though.


NED (-1) v. Budweisers – Something tells me NED won’t be sending a case of Straw-Ber-Ritas over to Budweisers tonight so their opponents can gag down some of their own swill.  This is the playoffs, so the partying may ratchet down a small amount in this one.  (said no one in BoPo ever)

Before we start breaking this match down, HUGE congrats to Burt The Bandit for getting a brick!!!  My understanding is that he was not officially at the lanes Tuesday, so nobody tell his wife about it.  Me, if I rolled a 300 when I wasn’t sanctioned to be at the lanes, I’d take my lumps and scream about it anyway…

Budweisers are a team nobody wants to play because of the big game potential of a few of their guys.  One crazy game can flip the entire match.  But the way Burt the Bandit has been rolling, I think they can withstand a monster game from Sir Marks-A-Lot and still squeak by with the victory.  Expect this one to be very close, but I like NED to get the points they need and advance to the B finals…and also to a matchup with YB2.

Tush Christ gained some fame (notoriety?) for stripping down to a patriotic speedo during Friday Night Lights, and the video was promptly posted by some teenage ladies who definitely enjoyed the show.  Apparently that’s Tush’s thing, he’s a man with a speedo for all occasions, work and play:

LOS (-3) v. Strikes of Hazzard – Strikes of Hazzard lost an ace in Herb’n Legend, but picked one up in Rev Lord.  Rev Lord didn’t excel as much as was expected, and the annual challenge of guessing who shows up for Hazzard makes this harder to predict.  Good thing I write these lines to set up jokes rather than actually predict results.

Cheese and Precious had great seasons again, and I expect them to keep pace with the bug guns from Hazzard.  I like Stiffy to carry the third point, and #s Vag to get the bottom points for LOS.  This one will not be simple, and will go three games, but LOS advances to a matchup with Yahtzee in a battle of former champs in the round of 16.

DHD (-1) v OC – There are 2 matches I see with great bowloff potential tonight, and this is one of them.  DHD started out hot, but they have been fading a bit down the stretch.  I’m sure the fact they each are at the lanes most days and bowl 25 games a week has nothing to do with it.  OC started slow, but have been coming on of late, and I am seeing this one going down to the wire.

Word on the street is that Kingpin will not make it tonight, so expect a steady dose of Doc Moose and G-Force.  A nice steady dose of those two badasses…

Johnny Red neat, Do it!

Tron got a new ball midway through the season, and when it works, it works extremely well.

But it will come down to Gutterboi and Mama D needing to roll big scores to get the job done.  Gutterboi is a stud in the playoffs, so he’ll be fine.  Will Mama D?  Dunno.  Will Nuber get his team some points?  Dunno.  This will be a great one, come out and watch it!

YB2 (-8) v. Wrecking Balls – This one is over in 2, with my prediction being an 9-1 win for the Thursday A 1 seed.  But hey, winning a couple playoff games was fun, right Wrecking Balls?

YB2 had designs on a title, but missing Glossy Mexican for the finals makes that a stretch now.  They will be bowling after the PBA leaves town, though, so that’s a nice consolation prize.

BUI (-3) v. Incredibowls – BUI has had a great season, taking some big scalps en route to a 10-2 record and a second place finish in the division.  And their reward is a match with The Incredibowls that will not be as simple as you’d think.  I think this goes three games (barely), with BUI getting the win.

Both Kiss My Pabst and God of Thunder had seasons below their normal results, but each is capable of breaking out a big game.  BUI has won by rolling a lot of solid scores, not relying on huge games but rather using their depth to out point their opponents.  If Duke Thunderwood handles whatever GoT throws at him, they’ll be fine.  Most people know Duke is a maestro of the back rub, here’s how he learned how and changed careers in the process:

If Duke loses a high point 198 – 192 or something like that, this one may get interesting…

Cape Fear (-1) v. GOB – Another one with Bowl Off potential!  Cape Fear has a couple of big guns in Southpaw and, umm, hey they have Southpaw!  But they do have Soccer Dad who also has a higher average than anyone on GOB. As does Northpaw.   So I see Cape Fear taking the high points.

Cape Fear also has an arsenal of 140 bowlers, so they could find themselves losing the bottom points in these games.

I think it’ll require some bigger than normal games from the GOB crew to steal a victory, but this one will go to Cape Fear, meaning Soccer Dad will have advanced father in the playoffs than his brother The Dentist.  Which will serve as bragging rights when the extended family takes the RV to a Pats game next season:

Side note: I am pumped that Guacabowle beat SOD so I can write something about Dick Whitman …For those who don’t quite get it, I write jokes about my friends because I think they’ll see it’s funny.  Huge Dick Whitman fan here.  Just for fun here’s a clip of him and the rest of the team flying south for a little sun and fun after the victory:

BEER (-5) v TDYOB – Ahhh, the final standings were not to either of these teams.  BEER averaged a 705 this season, and has an away game to Thursday night late to play TDYOB.  And trust me, this one will go late, providing Bork can make it go three games.  TDYOB had a nice season, going 7-5, and their reward is a matchup with a team that averages nearly 60 pins more per game.  Ooops.

BEER is fired up for this match, Hungus even hosted a team dinner.  And then Slow Roll started singing and the team started dancing:

Great wig, Brandy!  Herb’n Legend as a #1 and Hungus as a #2 is a tough matchup for any team, but especially for Bork.  TDYOB has been great this year at having one bowler really break out, only to have the other folks on the squad roll poorly.  Thunder got 2 200’s in the last match of the season, and Munson rolled in the 130s.  While Thunder was struggling, Farmer rolled well.  And don’t even get me started on Clown Penis.

To get the win, Bork will all have to roll well.  Something that hasn’t happened yet this season.  A win would make the entire season a huge success and send Hungus into a funk that only the PBA can bring him out of.  But that’s not too likely.  Mo $ will have to handle Brandy.  Farmer will have to take Filthy.  Thunder will have to beat Hungus.  And Munson will need to get a point off of Herb’n Legend.  Sadly looks like the season long party will end for TDYOB…and their off season party will begin!!

Enjoy PBA Week, and best of luck to the final 16!  Let’s boogie down next week!

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