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Week 4 in BoPo, and now its starting to feel like bowling season!  I missed last week dropping kids off at college, dropping other things at Phish shows, and having a quick vision quest in the Utah desert…so glad to be back!!

The start of the NFL season is a sure sign of fall….same with BoPo draft league.  It’s starting to feel like people are getting into their rolling groove a bit, and the lanes are starting to fill with BoPo’ers a lot.  I did see a couple of great bowling things this NFL weekend:

1 – Some dude on the Patriots I’ve never heard of got a sack, and his sack celebration was to mimic a bowling shot.  Looked like he had better form than most of us!


2 – And this is a biggie….E Minor made his coaching debut with the Lions!!  It didn’t go to well, here he is talking to the press:


Hold on, being told that was Matt Patricia, not E Minor.  Phew, good thing, because I thought E Minor had really let himself go there.  Hey Matt, mix in a salad!

Before we start the lines this week, we should also take note of the anniversary of 9/11.  I worked a block from WTC so have very crazy memories of that day and the months after.  But one overwhelming sentiment all these years later was the compassion that poured out of everyone in the NYC area as everyone came to grips with what had happened.  There was a real sense of community, even in a place as large and diverse as New York, and that’s something I’ll never forget.

OK, enough serious stuff, onto the silliness:


There Will Be Strikes (-3) v. X-Force – Hungus’ team has a 40 pin team average advantage, yet fewer wins than Xander and company.  In fact, There Will Be Strikes has the highest team average in the Lucky Bastard division. Even with Dump Truck driving the struggle bus lately. Eventually, those team averages mean something, and I think that means a win for There Will Be Strikes.

Tango has been killing it this year, but I think Hungus will outscore him, and then remind him who’s boss:


Mo Problems (-1) v. Cocktails and Dreams – After tonight there will be no more unbeatens in the division, as Mo $’s team will once again crush it. Mo $ will be at a work event tonight dealing with parents, take a look at her prep for that:


Don’t mess with Mo $, you high school idiots (and their parents)!!  Glossy has been his usual stud this season…oh wait, no he hasn’t!  Sparkles has been good, though.  Narrow Gauge Railroad has been setting the pace for Mo Problems, and Viking will not struggle much longer (or the ball returns will quake in fear every time he is on the lanes), so I think they get the close win.

Bowlers’ Union (-3) v. Just The Tips – Seatown has piloted her squad to a 2-1 record and will make it 3-1 against Iceberg and the crew.  Iceberg, love the team name, by the way:



Iceberg is having a great season, and All Day Lemay will pick it up.  But they will need Biscuit Wheels and Animal to score big to take this one.  End of the day its too much Mitch Cumstein and Deputy.  Score one for the Union!

BoPoSapiens (-1) v. Spare Ribs – A couple of 2-1 teams with 609 team averages (I don’t count tenths of a pin Cheese).  Expect this one to be close.

Ruby let me know that Insanal named the team, and they are getting free shwag, but I am yet to see it, so can’t really comment.  Cheese let me know his garden is growing great and it’s almost harvest time.  Advantage BoPoSapiens.

Let’s hope Precious shows up and works on that average.  I mean, the guy is trailing Dutch in average by a ton!  And that’s saying something.  I expect to see a big leap from him this week in a close win.  And then Dutch does this:


Not to be outdone, Holden Green recently had a drunken run in with the law, and he almost made a great escape:


Titty’s Bangers (-3) v. Saint Hexy’s Hooligans – This one is simple.  Titty’s Bangers has Buck Ripcord.  Hexy does not.  ‘Nuff said.

Tilt-A-Whirl is continuing to make Hexy look smart for picking her in the second round, leading her team with a 182 average. But last I checked Buck’s 220 average is just a bit higher.


Some year I will get her on my team…

Nuclear Banana (-5) v. Draughts on Tap – Somehow I was in the same draft as Chernobalayne, and she ended up with a crazy stacked squad.  And my team has scored 10 points all year.  Tommy Gunzzz and Heart Break Kid are killing pins, Cookie is rolling great, and the ladies are more than holding their own.

I think we are looking at another Nuclear Banana win here, and another win that won’t be close.  Beaujolais deserves a winning team after a couple years with Farmer, so I am glad to see her crushing it.

By the way, Cheddar, isn’t Draught beer always on tap?  You can’t get draught beer in a can, can you?  Don’t answer that.  Cleveland is fast climbing the stats page to give Cheddar some help, but they can’t hang with Nuclear Banana.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves while I research the late matches.


Anyone who listened to that for more than a minute raise your hand!



Drama Llamas (-7) v. UDFA – A 100 pin difference in team average is usually something you only see in the BoPo playoffs when some studly A team plays a B team.  But wow, UDFA is struggling.  Might be why they went undrafted!

Nut Sauce and DDJ are doing well thus far, and Cygnus, Luna and 8-bit are holding their own.  League rookie Island Boy is looking to up the average a bit, and tonight is a great night to work things out as Crackerjackoff and team are really struggling….especially Danks.

After the match Danks tried to sweet talk his lady Downpin Abby with some smooth French flirting:


Better luck next week Danks.

Sex on Saturdays (-5) v. Ex Presidents – Dick Whitman went strong with his team name, and Gutterboi approves!  Roadhead went with a name I don’t fully understand, but that’s probably because I never asked.

Badger will give G’boi all he can handle this week, he’s been rolling well.  But I think this one gets decided by the depth of Sex on Saturdays.  Sticky Fingers and Gutterslut will outscore El Hombre Duro and Slugga to pile up the points and get the win for their crew.

Speaking of Sticky Fingers, he is a great addition to the league, a local business owner who knows how to party.  He’s a free agent for BoPo, although The Burners are definitely interested in him.  Make your offers fast!  Cool guy, decent bowler….what else do you look for in a teammate?

BTTTTR (-1) v. Magic’s Gathering – Before you start laughing at this pick, hear me out…last week Jerk and Spare-O got their first 200s.  (Of course Jerk also rolled a 123.)  Das Ducken rolled in the 190s.  Bowl Murray is quietly rolling very steady.  I think this team is better than their crappy average and record says they are, and they start a playoff run tonight.


Magic’s team has a 5 pin team average advantage, has not scored a ton of points, but somehow has 2 wins??  I think it’s a close match.

Mama D is the stud of the match, but I think Jerk or Spare-O can hang.  Well, I think Spare-O can hang…check him out on the golf course this afternoon:


Magic and Hambone will battle Farmer and Shooter….so far pretty close (but Farmer missed last week, so he’s bound to go overboard on the party….and we all know Shooter always goes overboard on the party).  Then we have Ducken crushing The Dentist and that will be the difference.

I kid, I kid.  The Dentist won’t lose to Ducken….he will likely lose to everyone in this match.

Team win number 1 for BTTTTR!


Pullout Couch (-3) v BTTTTR Also – Match of the Night!!

Not sure how Thunder’s team lost week with him gone…I mean the guy rolled a 123 last time out!  I think they lose again to a stacked Pullout Couch team.  Overall, this is a great one to watch, 2 good teams going against each other.

Pullout Couch has everyone rolling well, and their depth will be the difference as I think they take the bottom 2 points all night long. Shooter McGill will have to beat Marne Asada, no McStriker this week, and I think she does and that will result in a win.

Thunder has Uber plans for this evening, and that usually means zero moderation.  Which never bodes well for bowling scores…as a guy who does not drive to BoPo, trust me on this one. And Twisted Tea had a bit of a lumberjacking accident last weekend, so he’s still bummed about his truck:


Pamola Strikes (-1) v. The Love Boat – Not to be outdone by Mo $, Doc Moose has some slick moves to warm up also:


Oops.  I see this as a close match between 2 teams both battling for wins this season.  Mr. Florida and Doc Moose are doing well, but then there is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig gap, almost as large as San Diego, all the way down to Lil’ Pickle.  Ramrod and T Bowldog need to pick it up a bit!

In looking at the stats, why am I picking Pamola Strikes?  Simple, look at this guest from The Love Boat:


Kills me I couldn’t find video from this.  But Big Foot did appear on a 6 Million Dollar Man episode (played with aplomb by Andre the Giant)!

I think Jr Hoss, Rick Vaughn and G Unit all help get some points, but the top points and total go to Pamola Strikes for the win.

Team Moxie (-3) v. Big Party – Danny’s team has a higher team average.  They’ve scored more points this season so far.  Yet they have fewer wins than Big Party.  Go figure.

Rev Lord, Diesel and Sparetime are all getting it done.  G-Force is setting the pace for Big Party, but his average is lower than all three of those guys.  And I’m sure he didn’t draft Nugget for her to roll in the 130’s.  That number will go up, but not enough for them to get a win tonight.

Big Party and Nugget, our next Bonnie and Clyde??  (Be sure to watch the whole thing)


RIP, Burt Reynolds:


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