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Pamola Strikes (1-3) -1 versus Buy the Ticket Take the Losses (1-3):  Farmer is the new Thunder when it comes to Draft teams, that is to say his never make the playoffs and find a way to lose.  They have a washed up Jerk, a pissed drunk cocked Farmer, a Spare-O who wishes he was with Magic, Shooter who never knows where he is, Das like what the fuck is wrong with these guys, and Bowl Murray is like where the party at?!?!?!  They finding the party comes with a ton of Ls.  Other side of coin we’ve got the geriatric squad led by Doc, Florida and Pick, Keglinger and Pick give these crew two strong lady bowlers, but then Ramrod and T Bowl Dog give them 120s-100s, if Farmer wasn’t captain I would pick BTTTTR to win, but these guys find a way to lose then I hear from Jerk next morning about he is only in this for personal goals.  Here is Jerk after the loss:

Nuclear Banana (4-0) -1 versus Buy the Ticket Take the Ride, Also:  Word on the street is NB doesn’t have HBK, but they do have Fried Bologna and there is talk of giving him one game to try and stay undefeated and top of division.  BTTTTTRA is 3-0 when Thunder shows, but with Gunz getting 3 games tall order for the squad.  Who am I kidding I expect to smack the shit out of these banana hammock wearing fools tonight and then do it again down the road when they do have HBK.  Benching a dude to win on a Thursday night, #weak.  The rejuvenated Cookie with a new ball and new outlook on life and boys that swim will try to make this line hold up against old teammate Thunder.  If the game is over in 2 look for Cookie to just leave like Ginga Ninja did last week, also weak.  Here is Thunder after the match:

Old turd!

Titty Bangers (2-2) -15 versus Big Party (2-2):  How the hell is Big Party 2-2, and did this tool really name the team after himself?  Not sure how Nugget is surviving the season with well known pervs G Force, Big Party and Happy Feet Pete on the team.  Women have eyes dudes!  Trade of the season was getting Dude on the squad they are now a team that can make some noise with Top Dog Buck 300 and newlywed LaLa capable of going big at anytime.  They crush perv row tonight.  Here is the three pervs after the match:

And on TV Dawg??

The Love Boat (2-2) -1.5 versus Cheddar’s Gathering (2-2):  Good ol Cheddbeat back at it, sweating all over the balls and looking for a team.  Cheddar’s team should be way better than they are, Rick’s squad should be worse than they are.  No clue, I love Ricky and squad on the burn and feel Cheddbeat, Southdong, and Cleveturd will fold.

Fuck off DaFino, fuck you too Cheddar, no offense.

Drama Llamas (3-1) -10 versus Sex on Saturdays (2-2):  Wow Dick Whitman is terrible, drafts terrible teams, bowls terrible, takes a shit doesn’t wash his hands then cooks at Howies, guys a piss drunk cock fuck him!  Gutterboi also doesn’t wash his hands, Gutterslut does, other side of coin you got DDJ and Nut Sauce ripping up league when Dick isn’t trying to get in the middle of all and every beef at the fucking lanes.  Dude looks in the mirror and sees Mike Tyson when everyone else sees Gumby.  Here is Dick after the match:

Fuck that match is next week!

Bowlers Union (3-1) -1 versus There May be Strikes (1-3):  Hungus made the divisions unbalanced.  Then he still wasn’t going to make playoffs so he made last two spots best team average.  This is like that one year Hungus had 150 people at all star game so he could make cutoff classic Dungus.  Seatown has a strong squad Mitch is gonna strike to the right, stroke it to the left, stroke it with the one he loves best and they win tonight.

Sex on Saturdays (2-2) -3 versus Cocktails and Dreams (3-1):  See bonus Dick Whitman lines above, but they win this one because Glossy and crew must have only played expansion teams, I hope they enjoyed their three wins because they won’t see another one.  Here is Glossy kicking them back after the loss:

Sorry Thunder actually has a job, pieced these together quick, you don’t like them got some advice for ya:


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