Group Hug

Hey everyone, I’ll just post a few quick lines.  As Hakeem mentioned some folks have found the lines a bit tough I guess, so here’s a message to all my bowlers…it’s you I like!

Sex on Saturdays (3-4) -11 vs UDFA (0-7): Gotta give UDFA credit, they are sticking it out, seem to be still having a good time, and even swept their last game 5-0.  That said, congrats Sex on getting to .500

Spare Ribs (4-3) -1 vs Mo Problems (6-1): What can I say, I like a little gamble!  Insanal goes bananas, Viking punches himself out.

X-Force (5-2) -1 vs Ex Presidents (2-5): Fake Badger in the building for the EPs but all X-Force does is win.

Pullout Couch (6-1) -3 vs Team Moxie (4-3): Walter’s crew is up to 3rd in average and sitting in a first place tie.  They wrap up a loss and put a ribbon on it for Diesel’s birthday tonight.

BuTTTTR (2-5) -1 vs Roll Models (4-3): I know I’ll be wrong, but everything says BuTTTTR should win.  Big Party working some crazy smoke and mirror stuff this season!

BuTTTTR Also (3-4) -3 vs LoveBoat (2-5): I’m just making an educated guess here, but Thunder has probably told rival captain Rick Vaughn ‘If we lose to you guys I’ll kill myself’.  Well here’s to no self-harm.


It’s such a good feeling, to know you’re alive!


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