2019 BoPo Average Cap Update

For those who don’t remember, last year the Council of Keglers voted to implement an Average Cap for teams starting with the 2019 season.  The way it is calculated is a team’s top legal 4-player lineup.  The Average cap is the previous year’s top team + 10 pins.  I thought us BoPo nerds would be into a quick look at the major offseason moves and how they fit under the average cap:

Average Cap from 2018: 791.3 (Shark and Strikes 781.3 +10)

Y&B2: Add Cheddar (199.2) lose Glossy (205.7) – New Team Avg: 767.4

Yahztee: Add Glossy (205.7) lose Cheddar (199.2) – New Team Avg: 767.4

Oddballs: Add Nugget (168.1) – New Team Avg 763.1

SOD: Add Rev Lord (188.4) lose Dentist (184.8) – New Team Avg: 741.9

Bingas: Add Gutterboi (196.9) – New Team Avg: 729.8



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