And the Thunder Rolls

Last Thursday (Real Tuesday) night of the season.  Tons on the line regarding playoff implications, it appears 5 teams are in win and in situations tomorrow night in the LB division.  In the Skittles division it is pretty much locked up.  Another successful draft league season in the books, super fun as always, now let’s dry out for a few months and get ready to kick Bopo 2019 in the ass!


BopoSapiens (6-4) -1 vs. Cocktails and Creams (4-6):  At first glance you would think C&C is just playing out the string, but at 645 on average if There Will Be Spares or Titty Banger has an off night and Glossy and Sparkles go off burning a 750 clip all night these cats could get a wildcard bid.  The Sapiens win they in, lose could be out, does that make Precious show for the burn, we shall see.  I think he does and that puts Sapiens over the top in this match.  Here is C-Murda after getting run over by the Twin Towers:

Big bank take little bank.

Buy the Ticket Take the Ride (4-6) -5 vs. The Love Boat (3-7):  Jerk proved that being a “me first douche” was #fakenews as he powered BTTTTR over Chedd Beats team last week then gave the credit to the team, but alas both these teams are playing out the string on a fun season.  Two fun loving party squads that got their monies worth this fall.  Expect their last match to go out with a bang, big scores, shots a plenty and BoPo love they will be missed.

Buy the Ticket Take the Curse (5-5) -10 versus Role Models (5-5):  Big average difference here.  Expect Thunder and crew to roll in this one as Thunder finishes up another playoff-less season.  On the other side Big Party lost G Force, but somehow managed 5 wins with a 600 average, does everyone roll down to these cats?  Here is Big Party DJing The Red Tide Clambake this past weekend, this one got Thunder a little uncomfortable, but you know he shook to it anyway:

Bro it’s 2018 homeboy, man what a night that was!

Bowler’s Union (6-4) -1 vs. X Force (6-4):  Huge match as a loss could lead either to being home for the playoffs.  Will try not to get edited here.  Tso has dropped his internet troll game to a level 3 lately to focus on hammering his team into the playoffs.  Xander has a strong record game going and is recently off  Other side of it Town and crew were in there last night on Halloween practicing, this is going to be a must-see TV match that will go down to the wire, one of these cats gonna end up like this, watch first 30 seconds:

“On my way to fuck yo bitch…..”  Crash!!!!  Yep one of my homeboys from the Ultimate frisbee world, so good, still laughing.

Drama Llamas (9-1) -10 vs Spare Ribs (6-4):  Spare Ribs shocked the world when they took Ruby at 1 then shocked the world when they got to 6 wins.  Holden has kept it on the lane, Dutch had a strong season when he isn’t handing out free beers and killing sales at the bar and Insanal crushed pins, their season ends tonight.  Ain’t nobody talking about Drama as they quietly steam rolled the league, ran up 100 points and unseated Nuclear Banana Hammock as the team to beat.  Dick and Nut have been a force at the top of the lineup and are surrounded by solid rollers in Cygnus, Luna and rookie of the year Island Boy who word on the street is packing large heat.  And 8 bit but man that guy is just not good.  For Spare Ribs:

The Ex-Presidents (2-8) -10 vs UDFA (0-10):

Atomik we need you tonight kid, let’s get it!

When they pull up they get me loose!!!!!!

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