Welcome Back (And See You Next Year) Farmer

Wow, here we are….final week of the season for many, while others try to claim a playoff spot.  I am such a huge fan of draft league.  I love spending my fall with a new crew of people, so to Jerk, Spare-O, Shooter, Duck and Bowl Murray I say thank you…I have absolutely loved hanging with you all this fall.  And some year my team will make the playoffs…

Been a wild month for me, and I am excited to bowl tonight for the first time in four weeks.  This pretty much sums up my last month:


Hopefully yours went a little better than that.

Lots to play for in a few of these matches as there are playoff implications in many of them, starting with this one:

There Will Be Strikes (-1) v. Just The Tips – Just The Tips is one of 5 6-4 teams fighting for 3 playoff spots in the Lucky Bastard Division.  Tips may sneak in with a loss if they can catch Strikes in average (not likely), but I think their season ends tonight in a close one to Hungus and Co.  Their crew of 170’s bowlers eventually will get points, but Hungus needs to roll big lineups to secure the average wildcard, so I think we’ll see a steady dose of Tango and Hungus, and that should mean 8 points for There Will Be Strikes.

Congrats to Iceberg on taking an expansion team thisclose to the playoffs this season, and also bringing a new team into BoPo this winter on a night and division to be determined.  Whatever you do, Iceberg, don’t join Tuesday A.  This is what its like leaving the lanes after playing those ringers:


Mo Problems (-3) v. Sex on Saturdays – SoS’s season ends tonight.  Mo $ and company are trying to secure a bye in the first round of the playoffs, and a win will do that.  Whenever one team just wants to celebrate one more night together, and the other team wants to win, I’ll take the team focused on winning.  Especially when the party team has Dick Whitman on it.  Here is Dick and Sticky Fingers getting fired up for the match:


That did not end well.  Just like their season.

Nuclear Banana (-3) v. Pullout Couch – Both of these teams have secured a bye in the playoffs, but the winner will take the Skittles division title.  I see Nuclear Banana sending a message in this one, and Walter and Company not really caring too much that they lost.  Here’s Ginger Ninja arriving at the match on his motorcycle (allegedly 100% sober):


Heart Break Kid has been all over social media lately talking football and also do a little on-line dating….here he is with his crew explaining it all:


Magic’s Gathering (-3) v. Pamola Strikes – Magic’s team is in the final playoff spot, and with a win tonight they lock it down.  Pamola Strikes is only here to play spoiler, but I don’t think they have the horsepower for that. And the last time Doc spoiled something, it was when he was best man at his buddy’s wedding.  Fun Fact, his buddy was going to marry Lil’ Pickle, but Doc Moose had other plans for that lady, so he stepped in with some sabatoge…


That was some smooth stuff, Doc.  Well Played.

Titty’s Bangers (-1) v. Whatever Diesel’s Team Name Is – UPSET ALERT!!  Diesel’s team makes the playoffs with a win, but a loss coupled with a BTTTTR Also win means they are out!  And their game 3 tank job last week makes this very interesting…

Last I checked, Buck Ripcord is still the best bowler in the league, and that means he’ll get his points.  The Bangers don’t have the wins to make the playoffs, but they do have the average wildcard in the Skittles Division.  Having a guy averaging 223 will definitely help.  Because they need pins more than anything, Buck will get three games to tilt the scales in his team’s favor.

And then Danny goes home and promptly takes it out on his coffee table:


Wow, Danny’s second loss of the night!  To a table!

Draughts On Tap (-3) v. Saint Hexy’s Hooligans – One final thank you to Hexy for doing the stats (eventually she will will re-pay me for this love by increasing the number of 200 games I have on the stat sheet) as tonight she and her team’s season ends with a loss to Cheddar of all people.

Draughts On Tap will be in the playoffs, and they have some bowlers to watch, with Cheddar, Cleveland and Southpaw on the roster.  But before we predict a deep playoff run for these guys, it should be noted they lost to my team last week.  But hey, they get to roll again next week!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!


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