Week 2 Is The New Week 1

My bad, BoPo.  I may have pushed a little too hard having opening night on New Year’s Day.  The energy wasn’t there but everyone gets a mulligan for that one.  Tough day, lots of new faces on new teams.  I think the energy comes back this week as we settle in.

What did we learn in week one?  Tuesday B is going to be a shootout.  Last year’s regular season division winner NED went down to their big rival Incredibowls in an 8-7 loss despite having a higher pin count.  Defending B champs the Bowl Trolls did their usual thing – dug a big hole, then rebounded to win over Wrecking Balls.  Poultry Association is the real deal too.  Ball That and Strikes on Tap were around 600 as well (through Strikes on Tap at one point were all sitting single file looking at their phones, so not sure they really are all that into it).  Tuesday B will be close as usual.

Over in A, Sharks and their new guy Cheddar dismantled Body English, and the Swinging Richards/zee opened with monster scores to beat Skol despite Tom E Gunz averaging 240.  XXX Club overcame what is an off night for Ripcord to open their title defense with a win over OC with a dominant Natro (good night to be a former BEER guy!) Splinter seems to be almost back to normal, hitting the lanes weeks earlier than expected.  So, Sharks, Sparks, Club and Posse at the top early – what else is new?  Looks like Hazzard may have a long season in front of them in this buzzsaw division – good luck, L.B.


S.O.D. (1-0) -3 vs O.C. (0-1): Natro was one of the big stories of week one, putting up monsters for OC.  Mama D also off to a blazing hot start.  They have a puncher’s chance against S.O.D., but they’ll need Jr Hoss to step up against Papa Couch.  Rev Lord looks like he’s enjoying his new surroundings.

Body English (0-1) -1 vs Saucy Posse (1-0): SauPo cruised on Friday, but did have a controversial sub averaging 210.  BEER looked flat with all its new pieces and got smacked down 10-0.  This game should be a more accurate representation of both squads, a high scoring affair, and hopefully a booze-soaked boogie down in the party pit.

Oddballs (0-0) -13 vs Hazzard (0-1): 54 of 55 teams have played so far, Oddballs are the last to the party.  They get served up a friendly opener.  Two years of having his players poached has left Uncle Jesse a bit shorthanded.  Look for him to make some big signing in the near future, but until then they can just focus on partying.

Bingas (1-0) -1 vs YB2 (0-1): Binga’s took advantage of the schedule with a big points haul on opening night.  Jerk is really fired up about his squad, and Gutterboy got his bad week out of his system when it was meaningless.  YB2 was kicked in the gut this offseason with the loss of Glossy then the loss of his replacement.  Binga’s really focused on getting wins – I think they get another one.

Strikes on Tap (1-0) –13 vs Whoomp (0-1):  Whoomp was gracious enough to welcome Minds in the Gutter to BoPo by letting them win their opener.  Now they’ll happily make Strikes feel good about starting 2-0.  Strikes, I know you guys might not all know each other, but this is the 2-hour portion of your week where you can just hang out and drink with friends on a regularly scheduled basis.   You’ve got a good squad, enjoy it!

Poultry Association (1-0) -1 vs No Eye Deer (0-1): Is it too early for a must win?  NED lost a heartbreaker to one of their challengers for the division title.  Now they face another real threat in B in the expansion Poultry Ass.  Iceberg’s team wasn’t at their best and still cruised in their opener.  They’ve been waiting for their shot in BoPo for a while now and I think they take down the NEDsters putting Burt & Co in a shocking 0-2 hole.


XXX Club (1-0) -2 vs Skol (0-1): What do we have here?  It’s a finals rematch everyone, always a fun thing to see.  No champ has ever repeated but if any champ is under the radar it’s the Club, strangely.  Maybe all those close calls before their title are still our minds.  They do have the perennial Top Dog, though Tom E Gunz looks like he’s serious about dethroning him.  Roadhouse didn’t bowl under 200 and had one of the most entertaining tenth frames you’ll ever see.  I’ll take Club to get to 2-0.

Bowl Trolls (1-0) -3 vs Budweisers (1-0): The Buds took care of business in interleague play on Friday, now they get to their home night to face off with Defending B Champ the Bowl Trolls.  If things go the way they usually do it’ll be 6-4 Buds before the Trolls pull off their 3rd game magic and stay unbeaten.

Wrecking Balls (1-0) -7 vs B.A.R.E. (0-1):  A bit of a contrast in styles and ages in this one.  The Wreck lost their opener but Swanny built a team to compete for a crown and they’ll even their record tonight.  B.A.R.E. should be a little looser with one BoPo game under their belt but this is a tough matchup for them.

Hookers (0-1) -1 vs Burners (0-1): This is my pick for a bowloff. Shooter will get the Burners fired up for this one, but Hollywood’s team seems just a little bit stronger.

Ball That (1-0) -1 vs Splits Happen (0-1): With the whole baby thing out of the way Squampch and crew have their eyes set on a B title run this year.  Splits got off to an awesome start in their first game under new co-captains Sarge and Bananza but I’ll take the former A division team in a close one.

Incredibowls (1-0) -3 vs Minds in the Gutter (1-0): The Incredibwols vanquished their rival in week one, can they stay focused after the big win?  The Noyes’ crew already has a first BoPo win out of the way but the sledding gets a lot tougher starting with this one.

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