Thursday Formerly Early

So nice to be back.  Hope everyone enjoyed week 1 last week.  DJ Mozart just crushed it…how lucky are we to have tunes like that cranking for us while we drink and bowl??

Looks like there were some huge scores out there, and strikes a plenty.  I am hoping that continues on Friday when I get to roll this week.  And in reading the Stat sheet, looks like most of us will be chasing Cheese again this year:

I have what were supposed to be the early matches this week, but everyone is rolling late tonight (don’t ask me why) and we start with a doozy:

DHD (-1) v. My Balls – Don’t sleep on My Balls…how many times have I said that to Mrs. Farmer?! Ba-Dum-Tssh.

My Balls are a good team (and I have 2 kids to prove it), and they will do just fine this year in Thursday A, but moving nights can be a weird transition, especially to the night when nobody seems to care they have to go to work the next day.  Captain Cygnus made a nice addition to get Cleveland and his 200+ average, and it looks like the draft reaction was positive:

We all know how that turned out.

DHD are a relentless bunch, and they all put in work on the lanes, and then celebrate as a crew after.  Here we see Doc Moose carrying Lil’ Pickle on his shoulders to celebrate her bowling scores:

Hey now!  Wasn’t expecting that!

G-Force is back from the sick bay, and says he is feeling 100%.  They’ll need every pin they can get, and I think they do it, but just barely this evening.

Guacabowle (-3) v. Lion’s Den – It was awesome to see Lion’s Den get the win last week in their first match without Turncoat Ricky V.  Looks like the addition of Mr. Florida has worked out well, and the fun will continue for this crew.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t state that the Lion’s Den dudes were a little upset at the departure of their former captain.  In fact, here is Mokiki running into Ricky V over the holidays:

Guacabowle got hit with a Friday night match with Saucy Posse who were forced to bring in a sub, so Saucy decided to go with a local Pro Bowler who dropped a 224 and 234 on them.  Here is what it seemed like for Guacabowle:

Tough break.  They will be very happy to get back to some regular Thursday A competition.  Mitch and Badger will get theirs, and assuming Dick Whitman can keep from dumping his glasses in the gutter, I think he’ll score also.  Not too often you see a BoPo regular get heckled by a dude there with his kids, yelling “Yardsale” after Dick had to scoot down the gutter to retrieve his spectacles.

And for the record, he even missed Brooklyn with that shot.

Guacabowle has too much for Lion’s Den, and they will get their first win tonight and Dump Truck will celebrate with a swim:

This is a winter bowling league after all…what did she expect?

Average Bro’s (-3) v. GOB – Average Bro’s did not have the Thursday debut they wanted, losing to a hard partying TDYOB squad that could barely finish their pushups.  But they did have a ton of fun and I think will love Thursday matches.  Their bowling scores will rally, and I think their depth will get them the win this evening.

GOB opened with a nice win against Tattoos and Titties, but the competition level ratchets up significantly this week.  Sea-Town is really rolling well, and she will have to continue it this week to give her team a chance.  They also have some newbies to their squad that need to get into the flow of things with their new team.  So, Squeaky G and Lil Bit, here is brief clip of your teammate Holden Green:

I kid, I kid.  That was actually Invisible Hand.  Here is Holden Green keeping up with the hard drinking style of Average Bros:

Give me Average Bro’s in a close one tonight.  And Dentist, put a shirt on…please.  Daddy Long Neck is a great new Bowling name, though.

Touch My Xcitement (-3) v. Spare of The Dog – Spare of the Dog are a total mess.  Bombpop doesn’t even remember his uniform week 1 of the season, and they go down in flames to DHD.  Casual Hundo made her BoPo debut, and she remembered the team gear while averaging an 82.  Yao Romo is leading the way with a 165 for Spare of the Dog, and that’s not going to get it done against Touch.  Or most other teams on Thursday.  I think this video of Yao, Probie and Jewdy from their summer team outing pretty much sums up how things are going for Spare of the Dog:

Touch opened up with a surprising loss to Lion’s Den.  Lucky Charms crushed it with a 200 game and a 186 average, but Squatch’s 150 was not what the team was hoping for.  La Gatita and Uno rolled well last week, I think that continues and they will get the win this evening.

Happy Hands (-5) v. Granola Rollahs  Granola is looking snazzy this year in some new gear, but in this case it looks like the clothes do not make the man, as they are averaging less than 500 as a team after week 1.

Happy Hands also had a tough start to the season, and last weekend decided to give the whole practice thing a chance to see if it will help their bowling scores.  Let’s hope so.  

Here’s Kid Loose waking up on Fridays after a post-BoPo visit to Wendy’s:

I’ll take HHP in this one.

Bowlderdash (-1) v. Lesbowlians – I often times struggle to pick games like this where I don’t know a lot of people bowling.  But I do know if I pick the Lesbowlians, they lose.  So from now on I am off the Lesbowlian train and will be picking them to lose every week.  Starting this week.

Ollie Bubba decided to do the whole dry January thing….for 4 days.  Then she got back on the train:

Bowlderdash were paced last week by Fried Bowlogna and Boys McKracken.  Boys will get his normal 20 practice games in this week to improve his scores, and I think they will pull out the third and fourth points all night to get the win.

Have fun tonight…

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