Friday Lines From Farmer Thunder

Friday night!  We did it again, here are Thunder and Farmer arriving at the lanes for their match with Sharts and Strikes:

Been waiting all freaking week for this night, let’s kick the weekend off in Bowl Portland style.  The Doctor got to run in quickly last night, and Thursday night was lit!  All 20 lanes BoPo style going strong at once.  DJ crushing some funky jams, well what do you know 4 more matches tonight let’s do it again:

Lots of talk on postgame, Bubbas, some BS Bruce S cover band, but looks like TDYOB will be hitting Pardon me Doug at PHOME and getting our PHISH on!

You know this.  Now let’s handicap some matches, no offense.

Game of the Night:

Swinging Richards (1-0) -3 versus LOS (1-0):  A couple of heavy weights going tonight.  The Swinging Dicks kicked their captain off the team and lost naming rights to the squad.  Cheddar decided he was going to move due to this insolence.  Then joined YB2 and curb stomped them because let’s be honest who wants to roll with Pistol Pete?  No to mention Chedd Beat wanted to treat CJ like he had been treated.  Well that’s all water under the bridge now, Fake Yahtzee brought Glossy Mexican and thanks to this move the team started having team dinners.  On their off night as a squad the Dicks convened at Glossy’s joint in SoPo.  Glossy gotta Glossy took a picture of the food rather than post to the Book he sent the pic to the Doctor.  Looked like some low grade beef, but I mean what do you expect?  These guys are loaded and it’s Friday, so they will be loaded.  Sparkles has cut down on the drinking in hopes of being able to catch a buzz.  Tango will be blacked out and do at least one thing that is utterly ridiculous post-game, like the time he tried to fight some dude at Howie’s for looking at him wrong.  Ripped his cardigan off and everything.  I advised him to throw it back on before he got knocked out.  La La and Shooter M are full out lady aces and I think that’s where this match swings.  Strike Dancer is still trying to get down her new Belmoesque throw, and Corn Nut like most of us has her ups and downs.  Dude side expect a Stiffy and Precious rebound, Cheese is Cheese newcomer local golf pro (guys good at everything that requires not getting physical) Putt Putt Pass has a smooth ass roll and his shoot looks strong on this pattern, but so does Sparkles, a former LOS bowler himself, Tango, Deputy and Glossy, expect this to be a frosty war as there is zero love lost between these squads as Sparkles been riding them for years about their water frames.  Here is the whole group hanging during the match:

Never seen Sparkles dance but I’d suspect he looks like a garbage bag full of shit getting thrown around a room.

Sharks and Strikes (1-0) -10 versus TDYOB:  You can bet this one like it’s already been played.  The plucky Bork crew made a key offseason addition in Spare-O and Munson been on fire with the two hand approach, but Sharks has a 100 pin average and hasn’t had Ten Pin Haz Been hit the approach hit.  Captain Jack Cheddar was left on an island to die by Swinging Dicks and landed with the former team of the year.  We haven’t seen this many folks leave a Team of the Year Award squad since Thunder cut half of TDYOB literally the day after they won the award.  Here is Sharts getting ready for PBA in April:

Farmer got Hep A, classic Farmer, someone takes a shit, dude eats it and almost dies.  Moron.  TDYOB may have had team high average on Thursday week one and it is still under 100 from Sharts average.  Ten Pin had gone missing and wasn’t returning White Russian’s calls, so they started checking obits turns out dude is alive, but 6 p.m. is close to his bedtime so we shall see.

Here is DDJ celebrating his birthday last year:

Here are sister team compatriots Dick Du Jour and Cheddar competing against Tango and Sparkles for the girl of their dreams:


So, to recap they would take you to the mall and rail on your butt.  How does that sound?  I don’t hate it.

It’s Friday so expect Thunder to fight for 130s and kill the team thus the big gap in score.  Then everyone will go out and get more destroyed.  Honestly, I think TDYOB beats the hell out of these guys and tell them about it for the rest of their lives like they are going to do to the Eskimo Bros.



Friday Night Lights!  Will be a tall order to top the 20 lanes of BoPo last night….Hungus, we the people of Thursday night would love to do that again sometime!  Loved the 20 lane Lucky Train!!

Party Mix (-5) v. Bad News Spares – Party Mix opened their season with a win over Strike City, which is about as big an accomplishment as being the tallest guy in a room full of midgets (errrr….little people).  Big Party decided to have a sober January, which sounds like an awful idea, but to each his own.  He is still bringing great energy, though, and I don’t see Party Mix having too much trouble with Bad News Spares.

Friday night brings out the best in people, and I think this match is no exception.  Expect a ton of party on all fronts, mediocre bowling scores, and a comfortable Party Mix victory.

Hakeem and Bowl Murray having dinner before the match (sound up, NSFW):

OK, that time I might have crossed the line….

Pinups (-7) v. Strike City – You know, I really like Strike City.  But I also like cold toilet seats.  Magnus, The Brush, The Wee, Postal Pixie, and Red Fury (go Knicks!  Tank for Zion!) are all averaging less than 120, which had Momma asking “Who are these fucks I am bowling with?”.  That just resulted in Magnus reminding her not to end a sentence with a preposition.

Strike City brings a ton of fun to BoPo, and we are lucky to have them rolling on a Friday.  Last week they lit up Howie’s with a late night appearance, and I expect this match to merely be their pre-game before they light up Portland tonight.  Count TDYOB in for that!!!

Manson led Pinups last week with a fantastic 171 average, with Silky Pete, Lil Lane Master and MacBalls all chipping in nicely in last week’s loss.  They get their first win of many tonight, and if they try really hard they might just remember the names of a couple of folks on Strike City.

Here’s Postal Pixie signaling the start of the party:

Let’s Dance tonight!…

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