Sparkles Time

Wow it’s only week 3 and there are only three undefeated teams on Tuesday A, and just one winless squad. Shows that this season is going to be a shitshow and I love it. Short and sweet intro let’s just get to the part the four of you care about.


SOD (-1) vs. Average Eskibros

Cape Fear ran off to Thursday and changed their name  for a better playoff seed then promptly got killed by TDYOB week one. They rebounded week 2 and now come back home to Tuesday to face an SOD squad coming off a loss to OC. Dantist will be looking to stick it to his former team but the Couch/Rev Lord duo will be too much, unless Couch blacks out again like he did week one.

Sharks & Strikes (-3) vs. Turkey Club

Sharks have come out firing this season after Derailroad bailed. Cheds has looked good filling in. Russian and Speedy are killing it and Haz Bin is only getting loose. Club is having the championship hangover, starting a little slow. E Minor has pretty much quit bowling so they will be leaning heavy on Bucky as always. Sharks depth and that 50 pin avg advantage is too much here

BEER (-13) vs. Hazzard

Hungus thinks his team is number 3 in the league right now after scraping by crippled Saucy Posse last week… Proof that we all say dumb shit when we’re drunk. Unfortunately this week isn’t going to help their case because Hazzard is basically a bye week this season. Poor LB gets to watch his 206 avg get completely wasted on a weekly basis, while all his former teammates are competing for majors.


SKOL (-3) vs. OC

Tommy Gunz and Natro came out red hot week one. Gunz cooled off slightly and Natro took a huge shit last week as both teams cruised to wins. Bring bandaids for the ball return because Viking is so desperate for something good to happen to him that he bet on the Pats to win the SB… We don’t want you as a fan, bud. Mama D and Natro will get OC close tonight but SKOL is going to take this one because I have no idea who else is even on OC.

Saucy Posse (-1) vs. Binga’s

Binga’s took a tough loss last week after some questionable lineup decisions but who cares, everyone makes the playoffs. Wonder what team that Benedict Gutterboy will jump on and ruin next year? Jerk and DDJ have an avg bet for a bowling ball this season and it’s going to be fun to watch that IQ Tour go up in flames like Sharks roster this year. Saucy brought in their legal lineup last week and took an L but I think they rebound this week. Splinter can’t suck all season, right?

Swinging Richards (-5) vs Oddballs

Oddballs got all new equipment and shirts and came out firing with a 607 avg last week. Good thing is, they had the bye (Hazzard) so they sit 1-0. Hopefully Thunder didn’t ruin Brooklyn and Twisted Tea for good. Richards have the highest team avg through 2 weeks. Yawn. Deputy is almost “take your shirt off” hot right now. He even made a ten pin last week. Glossy has been garbage but I think this is his week to figure it out. Oddballs will roll way better this week than last but hard to pick against a 750 avg.

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