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Week 3 of BoPo.  Starting to see people get their rhythm of practicing on Sundays (Farmer, Sticky Fingers, Railroad, DHD), a few weekday afternoon sessions (Cheese, Boys, Turncoat Ricky V), maybe rolling in a Wednesday league (Magic, Mo $, Spare-O), and then hoping they have their big games on Thursday night (all of us).

Too few games into the season yet to really cement a great average, but a few awful games can really anchor down your average all year long.  Got to avoid those tank jobs if you expect to win your hastily made season average bets with Holden Green…

I have #fakelate this week, and it starts with a Thursday powerhouse matchup:

LOS (-1) v. DHD – When I first saw this, I figured LOS would get their souls crushed again like they did last week against Swinging Richards.  They rolled a 760 game 1 last Friday and were stomped 5-0.  Then I did a little research and saw that LOS have the top 2 guys on Thursday.  Precious is off to a bad start this season and is the 4th best average on the team, and you know that will change….Stiffy is the #4 all day long.  Doc Moose and G-Force are rolling well, but not well enough this year to keep up with Double Cheese and Putt Putt Pass.  (Hey Putt Putt Pass, I look forward to a hookup this summer!) Not sure how DHD will accumulate enough points to get the win.  They get the low points, but LOS takes the high points and total for a narrow victory.

Strike Dancer deserves a special shout out for moving to two-handed bowling.  Looks pretty sweet, and her scores are going to be improving a lot with the switch.  How come there aren’t more lady 2-handers?  Seems like Bek Bork and Strike Dancer shouldn’t be the only 2-handers in BoPo history.  I’m rooting for her to crush it and start a wave of converts.

DHD has been busy recruiting another generation of family bowler with Bowlin Nolan joining the team a lot for their Sunday rolling.  And I would be remiss if I didn’t share this classic father son moment between Doc Moose and Bowlin Nolan.

OK, that was from back in the day before many of you were born…needless to say I remember this PSA, and at the time it was unfathomable that “grown-ups” partied at all.  Looks like I was wrong about that one (or maybe I just haven’t grown up yet)!  But might be best to keep Bowlin Nolan off of TDYOB for a bit…

I kid, I kid.  Being a Falmouth guy, Nolan stays focused on sports and he spends his time in the backyard playing lacrosse:

Lions Den (-5) v. Tattoos and Titties – Lion’s Den picked up their first loss against Guacabowle last week, but they get back on their winning ways tonight with a comfortable win over T&T.  New addition to Lions Den Mr. Florida (although I prefer to call him Spartacus) is leading the way for his team with Mokiki in strong support. Throw in Das Ducken’s usual awesomeness, and that’s too much for T&T, with most of their team averaging under a 150.  Not even sure if Hambone and Shaw Shank are full-timers on their team or not.  Either way, they lose to the new-look Lion’s Den.

Turncoat Ricky V wasn’t the only guy to bail on Lion’s Den in the offseason.  Bayside Nacho lover Capt. Caveman left to join FC Portland, and again the team took it well.  Here’s Mokiki running into Capt. Caveman outside the lanes:

Love the commitment to the craft, there, gentlemen!

Happy Hands Productions (-1) v. FC Portland – Shout out to Mookie Oak for winning the first 20 lane Lucky Train in BoPo history last week.  I hope the free beer tasted great.  And it definitely did something good for Chunk’s bowling, as he started a game with 7 straight strikes last week, and has a tidy 190 average.

FC Portland has been led by Oolie, but the rest of the team is hanging in the 130’s, and I don’t think that will get it done tonight, especially if they have to rely on this guy:

One of the four unbeatens in Thursday B goes down tonight in a close one.  And Happy Hands are planning to stay in the mix for a playoff spot a long time this season.

Pinny Candy (-3) v. Roll Another – Roll Another opened with a win and then had a bye last week, so this is almost like opening week part 2 for them.  Pinny Candy are in the flow of things, and they’ll be ready for this one and I think they ride their almost 30 pin team average advantage to a victory tonight.

A ranking of the Candy represented by the Pinny Candy crew:

  1. Skittles – She’ll always be the best. And the candy rocks as well.
  2. Sour Patch – love those things, especially the recently discovered THC versions!
  3. Twizzler – Did anyone else use them as a straw for your Kool-Aid as a kid?
  4. Payday – I like them, surprised there’s not a lot of other chocolate bars on the list
  5. Tootsie Roll – I’m glad they are small, but I dig ‘em
  6. 100 Grand – A little too chewy for me, but pretty good
  7. Dots – I love the taste of paper with my sugar dots!
  8. Zots – I don’t even know what these are, so they get last place for me.


ICBING (-7) v. Granola Bowlahs – ICBING is going to threaten for a B title this year with the addition of Suave Lefty, the return of Peanut Gutter, and the steady rolling of Fabio.  Granola will come, have a blast, and score 4 points tonight.  I think ICBING cruises this week.

Here are Moyhem and Shamwow (love the name) talking about their upcoming match after watching Suave Lefty warm up:

By the way, nice to see Moyhem join the two-handed bowling ranks.  Good luck with the transition…

Bowled and Beautiful (-5) v. Lesbowlians – Everybody knows the rules…if I get the Lesbowlians, I am picking them to lose.  Only this time I am confident that they actually will lose to new B-Team Bowled and Beautiful.  Sweet trick pulled off by Beaujolais with the move to B:

Opening week was a bit of an eye opener for B&B.  They were expecting easy success, and had to work to get their first win.  All that means is that they are now focused on crushing.  So crush they will.  B&B might have the tightest grouping of team averages in the league, ranging from a high of 146 (Strike Tyson) to a low of only 129 (sorry Saw, had to call you out on this).  Ruby Canary is off to a tough start, but I think she’ll rally out of her slump tonight and take over the team average lead in leading her team to a victory.

In reading the stat sheets, looks like a few more Lesbowlians need to make it into the lanes for a little practice.  Later in the year this might be a different result, but tonight I’ll take B&B.

Glad some of you listen to the closing music each week.  Got some good feedback from last week’s selection, this week watch Tash Sultana crush this performance in her living room….amazing stuff, so talented to create all this music herself (with a cameo from her cat and maybe her mom):

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