Tuesday Quickies


Saucy Posse (4-2) -9 vs Strikes of Hazzard (1-5): SauPo put up a nice effort against league leaders Swinging Richards last week, grabbing a 3-2 lead despite no Nut Sauce.  Then the Dicks were the Dicks and went 8-something and SauPo lost.  Beef Strokinoff was on fire, giving SauPo a great lineup when Nut Sauce comes back.  Hazzard looked like they had a win because their names and scores were on the scoresheet under YB2.  Alas, upon review it was an 8-7 loss.  Still, they are showing some fight.  Won’t be enough versus a SauPo squad trying to hang with the Tuesday A leaders.

Sharks and Strikes (5-1) -9 vs Skol (2-3): Can we just get to the Richards vs Strikes game already?  Strikes also took a minute last week before exerting themselves and cruising to another crushing win.  Skol won all the close points in a win over Bingas. Taking Frankie A out of the math, this match has the #5, #6 and #7 bowlers in BoPo going at it.  Sharks have two of those three, advantage Sharks.  I think Tom E can force it to game 3 – technically.

Oddballs (4-1) -5 vs YB2 (3-2): Oddballs highest bowler is 29th, but they are 4-1.  They have just been consistent across their team.  YB2 has been more top heavy with Crackerjack having a nice season but then a big falloff.  If they get All Day Lemay in this one I think it’s a nailbiter.  Otherwise I see Oddballs getting to a totally under the radar 5-1 record.

Off Constantly (3-3) -3 vs Body English (4-2): battle of attrition here in the Dusty Banner division.  OC has three players, Nuber, Mama D and Jr Hoss, with either Natro or Coco filling out the lineup.  BEER has Hungus, Filthy (maybe), Rick Vaughn and Brandy.  Well, everyone gets three games at least.  The numbers favor OC missing the bottom half of their roster vs BEER missing the top half.

Poultry Ass (4-1) -5 vs Budweisers (3-3): Poultry Ass finally got their first taste of BoPo defeat as defending B Champs Bowl Trolls showed they are still a force.  Meanwhile Budweisers picked up a big win over MIG to stay in the chase for the B ladder.  Buds have the mo and like early, but I like Poultry Ass to rebound and stay in contention for the regular season title.

Burners (3-3) -1 vs Mindz in the Gutter (2-3): Who’s that sitting at .500?  The Burners!  In their second season they have pulled out some close wins to keep hope alive for making the B ladder.  They face a MIG squad that has struggled a bit after a hot start in their inaugural season.  The Burners are hungry – they will eat a w tonight.


Late Games

Crossover My Balls (2-3) -1 vs SOD (2-4): GAME MOVED TO FRIDAY 2/22

Strikes on Tap (5-0) -3 vs No Eye Deer (2-3): GAME MOVED TO 6:30 on WEST SIDE

Strikes are the last unbeaten in Tuesday A, also carrying the best average.  How are they doing it?  Well, Birdman and newcomer ScrapperJohnMr are both in the 160’s, while Captain The Cleaner and La Femme are in the 140s.  That adds up to a 600 lineup and a lot of B wins.  No Eye Deer has won a couple in a row and now face a must win to save their season.  I think it’s a bridge too far, even if BTB has ‘found it’.

Hookers (3-3) -1 vs Incredibowls (3-3): This one should be a great match.  Both teams have solid averages and some big wins over good teams, as well as some surprising losses.  Both are squarely in the mix for the B Ladder in the cluster that is the Tuesday B standings.  I pick both of these teams wrong on the regular, but for the sake of picking, I’ll go Hookers.  Bowl-off potential extremely high.

Bowl Trolls (4-2) -1 vs Splits Happen (3-1): Due to some weird scheduling the Trolls have bowled quite a bit more than the Splits.  They also got a huge win last week over the previously unbeaten Poultry Ass.  I couldn’t tell you much about Splits Happen.  They lost their Captain, and now they have a really nice record and average early in the season.  Ill learn more, but for this one I’ll go with the Trolls I know.

B.A.R.E. (1-4) -5 vs BILF (1-4): More important than the score here, last week DeLoose Cannon of BILF came back to the lanes walking under his own power.  How amazing is that? Kepp fighting DeLoose, BoPo is cheering for you every step of the way.  Unfortunately, your old Captain Danks is leading the team with a 144 average and your old team will fall to 1-5.

Ball That (4-2) – 11 vs Whoomp (1-4): The good news is Whoomp got a win, and no team on Tuesday in either division is winless.  Tonight will not be that 2nd win.  Samsquampch and Tootsie will talk about both being kicked off Turkey Club as Ball That cruises to a giant win.

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