Late Lines – Dr. Thunder

Thunder pulled the late shift, here is Hand getting his last review from Hungus and Number One:

Gaucabowle (2-3) -13 versus Spare of the Dog (0-6):  If this isn’t in the party pit I don’t know what is.  Two of the most enjoyable Thursday teams to play lock horns on this one.  Spare of the Dog has changed their paradigm.  Theis is a difficult PBA pattern, either waste money trying to average 150 or party as hard as you can.  I’m stuck in the middle with you Spare of the Dogs.

Wow, sorry about that one.  I may have mental issues.  At any rate Thunder is in next year.  Bout to get full Cheddar here on TDYOB, cut from my own fucking team.  That shit right there is cold blooded.

One of the best ever rest in peace Charlie Murphy you made me laugh my man.  Okay I’ve been told to tell more stories that stick to the narrative and actually discuss the game at hand and some history.  So here is the deal there is a great podcast where Bonita tells the story of how Guac came to BoPo.  They stole Dick Whitman from T&T and as we all know this guy hits Brooklyn more than the Beastie Boys did back in the day:

Spare of the Dog brought in Casual Hundo and while they have only managed 7 out of 90 points these cats are a BoPo staple, these dudes were XXX Clubs nemesis back in the day, they have a down year, but don’t count them out they have not yet begun to fight.


Average Joes (4-2) -1 versus DHD (4-2):  DHD has fallen on hard times, but they do have Fern and SK at Turks and Cacaos or someplace warm like that the damn bastards.  #jealous.  Here they are doing yoga:

#pleaseregardme  Talk about encouragement yes, well that may help DHD get off the schnide a little encouragement and the fact that they roll a solid 4 all night long with Doc, Skinny Skeletor, Hark and Pickle if she can stop rolling 104s.  Trust me we have all been there, encouragement, yes!  The doc loves me some Pickle and DHD.  Here is Doc confronting Doc when he thought Doc got a little too close in a draft league moons ago:

Jeez Doc, take it easy dude, I was just trying to give her some encouragement, yes.  Other side of the lanes you got the Average Bros, not sure if people know but that’s their team name, don’t get it twisted Soccer Dad has a young family at home and doesn’t want to be implicated in any BS.  There season started awfully, they got absolutely smoked by TDYOB, totally humiliated.  Not tonight, they seemed to have found their groove, but they are gonna need to get another lady playoff eligible.  Fisher Price has a breakout tonight, the brothers Paw go big and the brothers Dentist do what they do and they eek out a win.  Here they are back on Cape playing pond hockey after the match:

Dentist and Soccer Dad looked good in net.  #leftnut  Meanwhile here are the brothers Paw on their first shift for CE:

Irrespective of that they take DHD down to the wire and ruin their night!

Touch My Xcite (4-2) -3 versus TDYOB (3-3):  No Munson tonight for the brothers and sisters of Bork.  TDYOB is back to their losing ways and TMX is looking to take full advantage of that.  8 Bit has been hot, so has Lucky Charms, LaGa is a solid force and Squatch is in an All Star spot battle with Spare-O and Farmer who got in a rare Wednesday practice, so you know he wants this one.  Thunder has been an absolute mess, if he can keep it out of the gutter they can make it to game 3 if not, he may end up feeling like Doc Moose and G Force by the end of the night:

The first time TDYOB played LaGa she was on Urban Achievers and they locked horns in the sweet 16 of BoPo playoffs 2010 Yankee lanes.  She was one of their aces along with Drama and Moose Knuckles.  Munson had a 199, Thunder had an out of his ass 169, 159 (I’d kill for that tomorrow) and the Borkers had a 7-3 lead heading into Game 3 Quarters match on line with eventual champion BEER.  Moose Knuckles started doing this and depositing it on Sneaky Pete and Spooky after strikes and spares you know Thunder and Munson’s wives:

This got former Army Ranger and former Borker The Sheriff and bit hot, ICBING didn’t help as a very inebriated 2 Dogs Fucking kept throwing fire on the flames.  To make a long story short this led to some pushing and shoving where Thunder jumped in the middle separated both sides and reminded everyone the only people that get in physical altercations at bowling alleys are losers.

#caseinpoint  Get a life guys.  Closing TDYOB game to the Quarters since making the semis in 2012 after destroying OC in 2 9-1 behind a Thunder 169, 223.  Ha ha ha ha ha  Tonight is the night baby, I expect TMX to win, but best believe TDYOB showing up to get loose and eat a W.

Damn, that dude lost mind, worst pregame speech ever my God look at DeSean Jackson, who is a total team killing tool, he is like come on JW what the hell man!

Tats & Tits and My Balls are on a bye, here there are across the bridge having a co-team match:

My bad I think that was Brooklyn, here they are:

Actually, both look like a good time to me.

The Battle of Beaujolais.

Bowled and Beautiful (3-3) -1 versus PinUps (2-4):  Lil Lane Master and MacBalls have requested to be on the lane adjacent to TDYOB, these ladies know where the party is at:

Wow, that’s definitely not where the party is.  My bad wrong clip.

Little known fact that Beaujolais used to be a member of the PinUps with her best friends Lane and MacBalls, she curb stomped the gals to chase A league glory with El, Rubbys, Mayor and Saw and ended up squarely back in B.  I ran into MacBalls and Lane on Sunday and they are out for blood, they want to show Beaujolais once and for all that she made the wrong decision.  Manson is having an unreal season currently standing 4th in average on Thursday with a 189.7 average with only 1 200 that is consistent huge ass bowling.  He Thursday’s Dick Du Jour without the troll level set at 1,000 and telling everyone about it every day.  We are currently looking into if this is a Hexy stat page error, if it was Disco Cosmos would have told us about it by now.  Little known story about Manson is that he served in Nam, here he is after the war on assignment with Thunder and Farmer:

If Manson is averaging 190 in real life PinUps could grab this one.  I’m gonna let myself out.  Here we are now, entertain us.

Bowlderdash (2-3) -5 versus Roll Another (1-5):  Roll Another is a long time squad, for the folks on the team that are married they all were either in each other’s weddings or officiated them.  Tight knit group.  When it comes to tight lines though, zero chance these guys are all over the lanes.  The Package is leading the way at 153.3 and is begging for help.  Not coming from Bones, he somehow magically has his average up to 121 from 98, but he doesn’t do late games due to newborn at home.  Chup, Uncle and Package will have to do the heavy lifting while Burn Unit, Scooby and Flo try to clip off the low points.  Bowlton and crew will be ready for their long time rivals and are looking to end their season and night quick.  Little know fact that Bowlton and Boys met back in seminary school:

Wow Boys looks a little fucked up in that clip.  Here is Boys giving a speech at Bowlton’s wedding:

Pineapple and Lil step it up tonight and Bowlderdash ends up victorious.  Tron made a lovely V Day post on the Book about Pineapple here was my reaction:

Game of the Night:

Party Mix (4-0) -1 versus ICBING (6-0):  Battle of the Unbeatens.  ICBING is hell bent on getting one of those short banners on the side wall and Party Mix is hell bent on giving them their first loss of the year.  If it wasn’t for Strike City ICBING would have sights set on an unprecedented 2nd Team of the Year award.  They have 100 people on the roster, they get pitchers of Kamikaze they squashed their beef with UREA! whose Team Dad taught all of Bowl Portland how to bowl, they just had a baby, they’ve got teammates getting married soon, they got Peanut Gutter, their team son just scored his 1,000 high school point in hoops and they brought in a lefthanded ringer.  Guess who doesn’t give a fuck about any of that, you guessed it Party Mix:

Shots fired by Party Mix, sounds like these guys don’t give a fuck about ICBING and they really don’t.  I was talking to Hakeem and Big Party they other day, went like this:

Thunder:  “Big match next week?”

Hakeem:  “Who we playing?”

Thunder:  “ICBING.”

Big Party:  “Who?”


DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ NUTTTTTTTTTTTTZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep I have mental problems.  But really Hakeem said he Luka, Bowl, Big, and Beet gonna stomp a mudhole in ICBING’s ass:

Expect Big Party to come in just like that and give Peanut Gutter one of these as they escape with a narrow victory:

And that’s just the bottom line.

All right hopefully I told a few stories there that no one had heard before, I like to keep it light and all facts based now let’s do Thursday like only Thursday night can!

Wow Nugget and HBK kill the floor at like 1:42 in.

Also, never forget to:


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  1. Hi,
    Sorry…I’m in the accounting department at Noyes…so I do the numbers. Go to Girl and I keep track for Captain Silver (Bald) Swayze and the Boyz. After the point correction last week I let Hexy know about (She’s doing an Awesome job BTW!!), I didn’t have the heart to let her know our average was incorrect too. Tee-Hee!

    Had a great time getting our asses handed to us by the Burners Tuesday night in the Party Pit! So much fun to play teams that have as much fun as we do playing!

    Until next Tuesday…

    Disco (Doing the numbers) Cosmo
    Mindz in the Gutter

    1. Are you the female teammate that passed out that one time at the lanes and hit your head off the ledge on perv row?

      1. That’s me!! I fell backwards right onto the lovely hard floor. Nice goose egg! That was the first time I ever fainted…and hopefully the last. (But very good looking firemen and EMT guys!!)

        Disco Cosmo

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