Farming Late

Editors Note:  I was called out of town unexpectedly, so these are not quite done….but now you can see what the first draft of the lines looks like.  Funny story, though.  Went to the airport and I saw Dick Whitman and his Restaurant League teammate Andy Winehouse outside the airport….they thought they were going to Utah skiing yesterday….turns out Dick bought the tickets for March 20, not February 20.  As we like to say on TDYOB, #thatswhytheycallitdope.


I love Thursdays, best day of the week for me.  So psyched to come in and roll tonight.  Wait, what’s that?  I have a bye this week?  Shit!! In other words, Hungus didn’t invite Bork tonight.  Here are Farmer, Thunder and Munson upon hearing the news:

If we can’t roll, then I’ll give you a brief TDYOB story.  2 seasons ago, we had 2 finalists to join TDYOB, Side Salad and Capt. Spare-O.  We all know we made the mistake of picking Salad, but few have seen the interview we did with both of themto pick our new teammate right before the 2018 season.

Glad we made the correction last offseason.  Spare-O (and his rejected Sesame Street character) have been a great addition to the team.  Roll Bork!

I have the late matches tonight.  And seeing as I’m not bowlingso won’t be around for you to complain to, I am going off the rails with these very NSFW lines, in case the last video didn’t give you that impression.  Remember, its school vacation week, so expect the lanes to behave in crazy ways all night long!

Lots of fools from Tuesday coming to Bayside tonight.  Pretty sure Thursday has yet to win a crossover, time for that to change.

Sharks and Strikes (-3) v. Average Eskibros  This was previously a #fakeThursday matchup, but now its another chance for Thursday to lose to a Tuesday team.  Sharks are loaded.  The Eskibros are now comfortable with Thursday rolling, but they can’t hang with Sharks.  DDJ, Cheddar, and Ten Pin Haz Been all will find some success on the lanes and get the points they need for the win.

Here are Soccer Dad and Southpaw telling Northpaw a funny joke at pre-game:

DDJ recorded a song for his lady…bold choice…I never knew her real name was Jenny:

Bet you never knew the Dentist owned a local business:

LOS (-1) v. YB2  YB2 returns to Thursday night, where they used to win a ton of games.  Things have gone pretty well for them on Tuesday with a 3-3 record.  The team lost Glossy in the offseason, which basically means they lost a guy who might roll better than Crackerjackoff one game, and then roll worse than ITZ the next game.  Still a loss for the team, though.

LOS has been turning things around of late, and are beginning to look like the team that can get Thursday a crossover win.  Cheese, Putt Putt, and Precious are all finding their groove, and I think that spells trouble for YB2.  It’ll be a close one, but I’ll take the guys who bowl a ton over the guys who I haven’t seen at the lanes in a long time.  And finally give Thursday a win over Tuesday!!

Putt Putt at his day job:

Cheese at his day job:

BEER (-5) v. Lion’s Den  Lion’s Den would love nothing more than to ruin the night of their former captain, now #4 male bowler on BEER, Turncoat Ricky V.  I think the best chance you might have of that is if Mr. Florida posts up on Ricky’s new tracksuit jacket on the BEER bench….and then farts.  Classic Mr. Florida:

BEER is looking quite good.  Slow Roll has an elbow injury that has been keeping her out, but Brandy is picking it up in her absence.  Rick Vaughn is looking great while cheering for his team.  Hungus and Railroad just went 8 straight strikes each last weekend to post matching 237s.  Lion’s Den can’t keep up with that.

Urea! (-3) v. Strike City – Magnus was flying high after his 182/178 scores last week, even had a few celebratory pops at Howies. But hate to break it to you Magnus, Urea! is a tad better than the Bad News Spares.  Besides, when Magnus, The Brush and Lil’ Rusty all show up to the lanes like this, should we really expect success?

Urea! is basically better than most B teams on Thursday.  ICBING may disagree, but they are favorite for the division again.  Some may find this hard to believe, but they all have their own bowling balls and shoes.  Strike City has shoes now, but still rolling some house balls.  Trust me:  You will score higher with your own ball.  Urea! in this one, and every time they play until Strike City starts rolling their own bowling balls.

ICBING (-5) v. Bowlderdash – ICBING is coming off of a 15-0 stomping of Party Mix, and are the only unbeaten team in all of BoPo!  They seem determined to get a B Banner this year, and I don’t think that Bowlderdash has enough to derail them.  Suave Lefty will get a taste of vacation week lanes, so he won’t score quite as high as normal, but still score plenty for his team.

Fabio, Peanut Gutter and 2 Dogs on the way to the match:

Note to self: Don’t share a bowling ball with those dudes.  

Have fun tonight!  Jealous of everyone who gets to roll!



2 thoughts on “Farming Late

  1. Lanes worn down by kids? Balls doing crazy things? After listening to the cries and complaints of so many a professional BOPO bowler, the Hand has decided to oil at five for Bowl Portland on school vacation week. No more excuses, folks. Its as fresh as it will ever be for BOPO this week. Even better than the rest of the season when DHD rents out six lanes for five bowlers plus “DHD”. FRESH!

  2. Swinging Richards -7 vs Leisure Rolls
    This game was moved from Tuesday to Thursday because Magic thought his team had a better chance to win on Thursday late. Leisure’s started the season hot but have cooled off quite a bit as of late. You know Magic is still bitter about Shooter leaving and Breads wants revenge on Glossy and Sparkles for drafting her and ruining Draft League but none of that will matter. Glossy almost looked like he knew how to bowl on Sunday and Interim Top Dawg has been almost pattern proof. Yeah I know TMX beat Club and ended the Thursday drought but that game was the highlight of Clubs future failure of a title defense. Richards in 2

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