All Stars!

BoPo All-Stars Announcement. Game is next Wednesday (Feb 27th) at 6pm. New format for the game this year, I’ll explain night of. Going to be a ton of fun. Congrats on qualifying. Let me know if you’ll be in or out

Tuesday Men:
Buck Ripcord Joseph Colcord
Railroad – IN
Tommy Gunz Tom Young
Cheddar Timothy Schneider
Sparkles Jason Sparks
Deputy Kyle Benson
LB Davenport Tony Fernandez
Dick Du Jour Jason Berthiaume
Master Splinter Jimmy Clark
Ten Pin Haz Been
Karl Hungus – IN
Herb’n Legend – IN
Rev Lord Josh Greenlaw
Crackerjack Josh Porter
Tango Michael Thibeault
Roadhouse Aj Kitchen
General Tso Justin Barr Glass
Jamaican Jerk Brian Owoc
Alternates: 1: Heartbreak Kid 2: Spidey 3: Couch

Tuesday Women:
Nut Sauce Mallory Nutting
Lala Morgan DiPietro
All Day Lemay Jennifer Marie Lemay
Mama D Melissa Pecoraro Dalfonso
Shooter McGill Bethany Ann Malone
McStriker Amy McPheeters
Speedy Weiner
Nugget Kathleen Nugent
Bora Bora Laura Bouchard
White Russian Erika Helena Puschock
Chernobylayne Layne Lessard
OUT: Brandy
Alternates: 1: Viqueen 2: Le Femme 3: Chatty

Thursday Men:
Putt Putt Pass
Double Cheese Chris Ogden
Mitch Cumstein Adam Moore
Sparetime Ben Brazier
Squatch Mat Yerkes
The Dentist Michael Rautenberg
Mr. Florida
Oolie Carlin Whitehouse
Doc Moose Tim Nolan
Duke Thunderwood Kirk Underwood
Dutch Bennett Dutch Cichanowicz
Badger Myles Petrin
G Force Fred Crooks
Southpaw Patrick Kertes
Holden Green Jim Davis
Alternates: 1: Suave Lefty 2: Space Farmer 3: Capt Spare-O

Thursday Women:
Seatown Abbey Gangewer
Milli Rocket
Mo $ Maureen Curran
Tilt A Whirl Angela Tilton
La Gatita Victoria Marsh-Silver
Strike A Pose
Ruby Canary Shanna Underwood
Mookie Oak
Ice Ice Mary Mary Okolita Cook
Inferno Lisa Prosienski
Alternates: 1: Lil Pickle 2: Das Ducken 3: Luna

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