Tuesday Early

Bingas (2-7) -1 vs Oddballs (7-2): Let’s start right off with a big upset.  Jerk threw the ball extremely well last night, Tso made a solid run, and Gutterboi wants to remind everyone he’s got a handful of BoPo majors.  Knuckles has also been on fire.  Chernobes and Cookie are a couple days from popping out the next generation of Binga.  Oddballs have been interesting, none of them are bowling their best yet, but they are doing enough to win and sit 7-2 in Tuesday A.  They’ll keep putting up a bunch of good scores but I think Binga’s is up for a breakout win.

XXX Club (5-5) -3 vs SOD (6-4):  This looks like a good one.  Roadhouse is back from Belize and Buck probably going to put up a 300 or 2 in response to losing in the sweet 16 last night.  The SOD rebuild this year has had it’s ups and downs, basically like a Booth game.  Rev Lord and Couch should start rounding into form, and the McStriker vs Bora matches should be good ones, but the Club has a little too much.

Strikes on Tap (8-1) -5 vs Bowl Trolls (4-5): Well, do or die time for the defending B Champs.  They need to knock off the top team in the division to keep hope alive.  They could do it, Gutterslut has the potential to take the game over.  Strikes just keep on plugging.  ScrapperJohn, Birdman, and La Femme are a potent trio and The Cleaner has quietly built a real title contender.

B.A.R.E. (2-8) -1 vs Whoomp (2-7): BARE is coming off a marathon Sunday, with two games vs the Burners (one in R&B league) over the course of a 9 hour Bayside day.  They’re young, they’ll recover.  Whoomp has actually been scoring a lot better than in the past, and Johnny Castle can bowl AND dance, but I like the ladies of B.A.R.E. to pull this one out.

Hookers (5-4) -9 vs Mindz in the Gutter (2-7):  On Jan 8 MIG was sitting at 2-0 in their first few days of being a BoPo franchise.  Since then it’s been a stream of 7 losses, but they don’t seem phased by it at all.  They are bringing the party and enjoying every Tuesday.  The Hookers are still competing for a B playoff spot so they can’t afford a letdown.  They should cruise to 6-4 in this one.

Splits Happen (7-2) -3 vs Burners (5-5):  The Burners also spent the whole Sunday at Bayside.  They walked away from it with a pretty solid 5-5 record.  An upset in this one and they’d actually have a shot at the B playoffs.  Splits Happen is having a stellar year, a great recovery after losing their captain to Wrecking Balls.  They can all but wrap up a playoff spot with a win, and I think they get it.

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