Thunder Late

Tuesday late, unfamiliar territory.  Dungus took home the March Madness tournament last night going on a 181, 230, 205, 225, 240, 235, 225 run taking out Splinter in the finals.  Just ask him he will tell you.  Another plug for PBA April get ready to pack the house, get loud and get weird!

Wow that video just bored me to death:

SKOL (4-5) -2.5 versus YB2 (4-5):  Watch out Pistol Pete just made a run to the semis in the March Madness tournament.  Tommy Gunz don’t give a fuck.  Viking changes balls 14 times.  SKOL wins.

Saints fans blame refs for that too?

BEER (7-3) -1 Versus Swinging Richards (7-3):  Swinging Dongs used to be good then everyone other than LaLa forgot how to bowl.  Tango asked Hungus if he could pay his way into the March Madness tournament with an IOU via Facebook, Dungus as mentioned above went on an epic run and won Fake King Shit.  Railroad got cut by Swinging Dongs in the offseason and is out for blood, and they have 500 other bowlers.  If Swinging Dongs hadn’t lost 3 in a row they would be my pick.  Here are Tango, Sparkles, and Deputy thinking about Cheddar after Sharks and Strikes kicked the ever living shit out of them last week:

Sometimes you pay for what you get, these guys lay a steaming dump on the dude’s chest, cut him from his own team and then are surprised when he gives their old banner the stare down after beating the hell out of them.

OC (5-5) -3 versus TDYOB (5-4):  No Natro no problem.  Mama D all three spells doom for the boys and girls of Bork.  Thunder has only rolled one game worth half a shit the entire season and OC still has revenge on their minds from way back when Thunder stomped them out in two in the 2012 quarterfinals.  Revenge is a dish best served cool.  With two games this week here are the boys of Bork come Friday morning:

Here is Mama D laying down the ground rules with the twins after they roll a couple 130s:

Poultry Ass (7-2) -1 versus Incredibowls (6-4):  Incredibowls have started winning again, thank God as we had GOT on death watch.  Chicken Butt don’t care they are coming to when and bringing hell with them.  Here is Iceburg telling Boston just that:

Take it easy Iceburg it’s a Tuesday night regular season match dude.

Buds (6-3) -5 versus BILF (2-7):  The loveable losers at BILF get another one tonight.  Sir and crew check these cats in and out:

Wrecking Balls (5-4) versus NED (6-4):  NED 6 game winning streak is over, BTB said he rolled 185 in match, but it wasn’t enough because Tush is more interested in guest DJing than crushing pins.  Wrecking Balls don’t care, they brought the Dude back and Xander in, so they can win games like this.  Here is Tush in NYC:

These cats play Friday night at Bayside, while they probably don’t shred like the Samples I can get behind this:

Partying on a Tuesday?  Screw it I’m in!


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  1. Did someone say they wanted me to tell them about last night? Well, settle in, have I got a story to tell you…

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