Your PBA Horse In The Race

Ok, used the old random number thingy and got teams assigned to points ranking.  The final PBA points standings will be released after the Masters on April 1.  Come tot he shows April 8-10 cheer your guy on.  If he makes the final four, you win team tickets and a team $50 tab at the June shows.

1: My Balls, Party Mix

2: LOS, Lesbowlians

3: NED, FC Portland

4: Richards, Tatts and Tits

5: ICBING, Bingas

6: Guacabowle, TDYOB

7: Roll Another, Bowl Trolls

8: Sharks, BARE

9: UREA, Bowled and Beutiful

10: Incredibowls, BUI

11: BEER , Leisure Rolls

12: Happy Hands, 5 Fingers

13: Mindz in Gutter, BILF

14: SOD, Hookers

15: DHD, Pinups

16: GOB, Hazzard

17: Oddbals, Skol

18: Strike City, OC, Strikes on Tap

19: Burners, Lions Den, Splits Happen

20: XXX Club, Poultry Ass, Budweisers

21: SauPo, Bowlderdash, Granola

22: Touch Xcite, YB2, Ball That

23: BN Spares, Spare of the Dog, Wrecking Balls

24: Average Bros, Pinny Candy, Whoomp

6 thoughts on “Your PBA Horse In The Race

  1. Turn the volume up to 11

    Sit back and take it all in.

    icBINGas is gonna kick the door down

  2. Watch out because icBINGas is gonna bring the ruckus.

    Ever witness a 5 seed make it to the big dance?

    Remember the 1985 New England Patriots? Yup, fifth seed, made it to the superbowl.

    No #5 seed has ever heard the song “one shining moment” in the NCAA basketball tournament, a few have been runner ups.

    But sports history changes this year, the gods shined down upon two honky tonking, hard throwing, party teams. icBINGas We are joining forces and we will chant, cheer and make general nuisances of ourselves to get the #5 bowler the money.

    Show me the money!!

    Take that $50 bar tab and put it towards our picklebacks. Our lawyers have reached out to the few potential #5 bowlers and lets just say, this team is gonna get paid!!

    So, the question remains, What are you going to do for your bowler?

    icBINGas OUT!!!!!!

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