Return of The Prodigal DJ

Quick note before Farmer mails it in again with some Haikus…DJ Atomik is back for his one and only BoPo XII set.  Shake your rump!

Happy Spring everyone.  If only the temps felt like it.

Thunder is slammed this week with work (yeah right!), so its all me this week.  I’m also quite busy, so I’m doing super short 17 syllable lines for every match.

If you haven’t checked the site this week, take a look at who you have been linked with for the PBA.  Come cheer on that seeded player week of April 8, and maybe meet some new friends and win some free beer!  I’m psyched we were paired with Guacabowle to cheer for the #6 seed.


Leisure Rolls (-3) v. My Balls

My Balls is snakebit

They shouldn’t be 2 and 9

Make that 2 and 10


Speaking of 2 and 10:


We’ve all been there, Willie.


Average Eskibros (-9) v. Tattoos and Titties


You heard it here first

Eskibros will win Thursday

No more tattoo sleeves?


Lions Den (-5) v. Spare of the Dog


Den is Rolling Well

Even without Ricky V

That Fucking Turncoat




Jewdy will lose, but

He don’t know who wrote the lines

Who to complain to?


Guacabowle (-3) v. BUI


Mitch will roll huge scores

And make Whiskey Pete so sad

Jack will drown sorrows




There’s no Dick Whitman

He is skiing in Utah

Only one month late


5 Finger Discounts (-3) v. Granola Bowlahs


Rufio! did it!

She built a new solid team

Sugar will boogie


B&B (-3) v. Roll Another


This is why they moved

B&B in the playoffs?

Need to keep winning




Hey Roll Another

The banner looks great up there

Where did the B go?



DHD (-3) v. TDYOB

I hate DHD

Just kidding; I like those guys

But I hope they lose




Bork only has 4

No Munson, Spooky tonight

Will it be enough?


Bowlderdash (-5) v. Bad News Spares


A schedule mix up

Means the Bears will be hungry

And will eat an L


Pinny Candy (-5) v. Strike City


The Senator strikes

The zebras just hope for spares

Then go to Howies


Lesbowlians (-1) v. Happy Hands Productions


This pick is a risk

I’m off the Hands bandwagon

Did I just jinx them?


ICBING (-5) v. FC Portland


A very loud match

Vuvuzelas plus the screams

Of 2 Dogs Fucking


Party Mix (-1) v. Urea!


Will be a close one

With some bowloff potential

I pick those blue shirts



I did these for Tuesday earlier this year, and got a lot of Haikus in the responses, so lets see what you got.

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