Thunder On Tuesday

First off to the BoPo crew that hit Vegas way to freaking shred the shit out of it.  I only caught warmups, but you guys were getting mad love.  Sneaky had the tube last night and the doctor had to get to bed early on a dry day to crush gym this morning.  What helped me move some weight around this morning were some of the ridiculous comments I read about our crew from PBA fans living in the dark past, when this was a “gentlemen’s game” to use an archaic and outdated phrase, and yeah fucking right, gentlemen’s game my ass!!!!!  Welcome to 2019, PBA broadcasts have long been a snoozefest, those days are fucking over.  Saw one idiot right something to the effect about “The pimps and hookers and how are we going to get in the Olympics now?!?!!?”  Fuck off with that shit!  Ever seen an Olympic soccer match?!  Rowdy as hell.  Welcome to the fucking future old ass PBA fans, future is now!  NFL has the rowdiest fans in the world, yeah, they are struggling to meet the bottom line……Man I am hot!  All our bowlers that we are rooting for to win so we can get stuff, but not really cheering for, this dude rooting for Norm Duke are all lined up on Hungus Facebook page.  Now let’s rally!  I took Tuesday through Thursday off next week.  Heading from work Monday to the lanes to get my party on at a high level!  We’ve got the PBA league draft starting at 4:30, and then three days of night time bowling!  So, get prepared, get sleep in, hydrate eat well, and come out and rage!  If last night rung these old washed up pathetic fans bell, let’s knock them the fuck out next week!

Look at all the dead people in the crowd, wow it’s getting loud in there……

Also, for all the PBA trolls on Facebook we are coming for ya:

Take that shit Shirlee…….so now you hookers and hos know how I feel:

Here is Hungus and crew getting back from Vegas:

Hungus asked for these last minute, so sorry not gonna be very detailed.

Early (Fake Late):

Oddballs (10-2) -2 versus OC (8-5):  Everyone was laughing at the Oddballs and their 600 average to start season, well no one is laughing now.  This squad is rounding into form at the right time and if they win their double header tonight they look up Tuesday A title, again.  OC was written off for dead beginning of the season, yet here they are with 8 wins, and despite a significant pinfall deficit these cats always show to win.  They will make Oddballs earn their first of two tonight.  Here are Tron and Nuber with OZ after the match:

Buds (8-4) -7 versus Whoomp (2-10):  Buds have recovered from the loss of Ric Spair, and look to move their record to 9-4, Whoomp found a way to get a couple wins and must be “working with Jimmy”.  Buds should win this one handedly as they prepare to play spoiler in the playoffs, Whoomp will be partying away their dying dies of Bopo.

Hookers (7-5) -5 versus BARE (4-8):  These hookers would have been right at home on the FS1 broadcast of the masters last night according to the “fans” of the PBA.  They will lay the smackdown all over BARE tonight:

Wow Sticky Fingers and crew just took a beating right there.  They will take their 9th loss tonight and not remember the match.  Here is Sticky walking home after the match:

NED (6-6) -10 versus Mindz in the Gutter (2-10):  From 2-0 to 11 straight losses in MITG inaugural season.  Cosmic Disco Ball(name may not be right-zero time for edits) has been a strong presence on the website, and word on the street is all the Mindz Boys hate each other now.  It’s just bowling guys don’t take it to seriously.  NED went from choking away a B title, to not even contending for a B title.  #progress.  Here are the Mindz boys arguing about the season:

Here is Burt and crew lamenting a lost season:

Wrecking Balls (7-5) versus Ball That (8-4):  I have no clue how B playoffs work, so don’t know if this game has any playoff implications.  I do know Wreck has 50 pins but finds ways to lose.  Look for Squamch and Glicious and crew to keep it close and fall at the end.

Splits Happen (9-3) -3 versus Poultry Ass (8-4):  Splits captain left them and didn’t make the playoffs, his old team did.  Poultry Ass has been a great addition to the league.  This one does have playoff implications and should be quite the match:


Oddballs (10-2) -1 versus Saucy Posse (8-4):  Splinter threw one off the ceiling, broke the guttercaps, then missed a guy a spare 8 lanes over at the USBC Masters, so that dude isn’t exactly dialed in.  Oddballs will be coming off an early match but most of them are tournament bowlers.  Oddballs should want it more, so I favor them.  Here is splinter going for a 3 pin spare at the Masters:

Dude just went from silver level coach to bronze after that one……

Swinging Richards (8-5) -10 versus YB2 (4-8):  After losing what feels liker 10 in a row YB@ is exactly what Swinging Dongs needs.  These cats still sport a 730, but everyone has been bringing their A game at them.  Fake Cheddar (Glossy) has struggled in his move to Tuesday.  Sparkles and Deputy are drunk at the bar at Legends everyday by noon.  Lala and Tango always show up and leave together and Shooter is the only one that puts in any real partying.  Other side of the match you got an entire team that Glossy shit curbed who have struggled with the move to Thursday; therefore, give me the Dongs to win and break that 10 game losing streak.  Here is ITZ at the bar after the match:

SOD (7-6) -11.5 versus Hazzard (1-11):  Rough season for Hazzard as they make their way to Thursday A or B.  SOD will have them DOA tonight:

There goes LB leaving Hazzard, really had Uncle J fooled there……

SKOL (6-6) -15 versus T&T (0-11):  Damn rough way for party squad T&T to end a winless season on a Tuesday team versus a team that’s going to bore them to death while they kill them 15-0.  Ouch!  Gunz gonna be talking about lining people up, Viking going to be kicking ball returns up 100 through 5 and Rubbys week is gonna be shot:

Incredibowls (7-5) -2.5 versus Burners (6-6):  Shooter and crew are gonna be piss drunk cocked while GOT listens to KISS on his headphones and rolls 130s all night.  Alas it will be enough.  Here is shooter after the match:

Bowl Trolls (6-5) -5 versus BILF (3-9):  Trolls will always have that B title, this year they will have one more win.  Here is Honey Bear after the match:






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  1. It’s Disco Cosmo…but I kinda like the “Cosmic Disco Ball” name! Looking forward to (losing???) our last league game tonight. BoPo is so freaking fun!!! Thanks for letting us join the party!

    Disco Cosmo
    aka Cosmic Disco Ball
    Mindz in the Gutter

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