Playoff Picture Getting Simpler

Alright, thanks to all the teams for working through their playoff trees last night.  Here’s where we are at.

The season has come to an end for: Bad News Spares, Strike City, BILF, B.A.R.E., Granola Bowlahs, Roll Another, Whoomp, Mindz in the Gutter, No Eye Deer, FC Portland, Happy Hands Productions, Wrecking Balls, Bowlderdash, Hookers, Bowl Trolls, 5 Finger Discounts and Pinups.  See you guys at the Bowling Ball!

This Sunday at 11:30

UREA! vs Party Mix (winner is in round of 32 and b semis)

Budweisers vs Splits Happen (winner is in round of 32 and b semis)

Burners vs Incredibowls (winner in round of 32 vs Sharks and Strikes)

Ball That vs Lesbowlians (winner in round of 32 vs Oddballs)

Pinny Candy vs Spare of the Dog (winner in round of 32 vs LOS)

B&B vs Poultry Ass (winner in round of 32 vs Avergae Bros)

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