Playoff Lines – Opening Round

Early Games

Oddballs -6 vs Lesbowlians:  The Oddballs are the number one seed getting the Rodney Dangerfield treatment.  They seem to revel in the disrespect though and will happily just keep winning.  None of them battled for top dog, but none of them are a surprise when they roll a 240.  The Lesbowlians finished the season hot, ending ICBINGs undefeated streak, almost making the B Playoffs, then thrashing Ball That in their play-in game winning in 2.  There were some 200s in there and a team score around 700.  I have them losing 8-2, but they’ll push hard to force a game 3.

Sharks and Strikes -8 vs Incredibowls:  Sharks are just fine with the #2 seed thank you very much.  They have been completely focused on a banner this year so don’t care who they go through to get it.  Cheddar and Haz Been may be a bit worn out from the Sunday doubles grind but shouldn’t matter in this one.  I love the Incredibowls moxie – they are all over social media getting themselves fired up for this tonight.  They know it’s going to take a miracle but are also psyched to get the opportunity.  I can’t draw up their path to a win, but Godspeed guys.

Average Bros -9 vs Poultry Ass: The Bros overcame a season opening loss to TDYOB to clinch Thursday A in their first season on that night.  They also 86ed Miller Lite on more than one occasion.  They wanted to come back to Tuesday for their playoff opener and as a #1 seed they get to.  Poultry Ass is psyched to be at home and in the playoffs in their first season.  They wanted me to publicly acknowledge they got screwed by the tiebreaker system – acknowledged – but the consolation prize is actually pretty cool.  Their name is on the big board and they get the chance to shock a powerhouse.  If the Bros come out sleepy Poultry will take a couple points.  I do think they could get to game 3 before ultimately getting bowled over.

Strikes on Tap -5 vs UREA!:  UREA! has a had a long and confusing path to the playoffs, but there they are.  The winner of this game not only makes the sweet 16 but also clinches a spot in the B Finals on April 27.  UREA! worked it’s way up the ladder for a chance at this one.  Strikes on Tap pretty much lead Tuesday wire to wire.  They are deep and almost never give away low points.  That depth will be too much for UREA!, who may see Casual T or C Murda pick up some top scores but not enough.  Still, this could easily be the only early match that goes three and once everyone’s watching people tend to bowl a little differently.

Late Games

Off Constantly -5 vs TDYOB: The late games offer a little more intrigue.  OC had a nice bounceback year picking up a winning record in the always brutal Tuesday A division.  Mama D is a difference maker, and Jr Hoss has big game potential each time.  If Natro shows up (not figuratively, literally) they can make a run.  Oz and Nubes provide the veteran leadership.  TDYOB had about the season you’d expect.  They party like it’s the last week every week.  You win some you lose some.  They love this draw.  Thunder is toying with benching himself, and a Spare-O, Farmer, Mo $ and Munson short squad is dangerous.  Going to be some excellent energy and strategy and partying in this one.  Too bad the party pit isn’t in play for the playoffs.

Saucy Posse -8 vs BUI: I’m not sure what came first, BUI struggling or the lines guys predicting their demise.  They did have a tough early season schedule of Fridays, byes and crossovers, but never really got in a groove.  Duke Thunderwood does seem to be peaking late and he’s a threat to take top points.  Snapshot’s the wildcard…but regardless of how he bowls tonight shoutout for being one of three fans to come watch the play-ins the day after PBA, you are a dedicated BoPoer!  All your moose are belong to us!  Seriously though, Snapshot your tab is on me tonight.  Saucy Posse doesn’t really worry much about the regular season but still went 8-5.  Any team with Nut Sauce and Splinter is probably the favorite every time.  Hot Sauce is trying to work his way back into form, but the big question is playoff hero Beef Strokinoff…will he be back and will he be randomly dropping 240’s again?

XXX Club -5 vs Lions Den: Another team makes the run for back to back titles.  Never been done before!  The Club has had a bizarre season, losing some unexpected ones with scores in the low 600s, then beating top teams with monster 800+ scores.  They may be most vulnerable early in the playoffs before they focus.  That said, as Farmer queried, do they still have Buck Ripcord?  Yes?  Ok then they’ll win.  Lion’s Den did quite well in their first year without Captain Ricky Vaughn.  Ducken and crew battled to 6 wins.  Last year in the playoffs they stretched Yahztee to the last frame, can they challenge another big dog this year?  Looking forward to finding out.

Swinging Richards -8 vs My Balls: Well the season of tough breaks for My Balls just keep going.  Despite a solid average they lost 11 games, many in heartbreaking fashion.  Now they get a playoff draw against the top average in the league.  Uh oh.  The Richards have fallen off a little after their hot start, but that meant averaging 730s instead of 750s.  They are really good and really deep. Lala has been dominant and when Glossy is your #4 you aren’t going to lose a lot of low points.  They should win in 2 tonight.

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