Thunder 16

All right we’ve got 16 teams fighting for a spot in the Sweet 16 joining squads that advanced Tuesday night.  We saw a couple of big upsets with My Balls taking out Swinging Richards and TDYOB getting passed OC.  So as KG used to scream, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!”


BEER -10 versus Tattoos and Titties:  Hungus told me yesterday, “I don’t know how these bums beat us.”  Literally a direct quote.  I agree with him.  This is over in 2.  Rubbys, Train Conductor and crew will show up ready to shock the world but when they get hit with that first 700 plus they will say:

Hey bud, let’s party!  Strong work by T&T to make the board after a zero win regular season, but this is too tall a task for one of the Doctor’s favorite teams in the league.

Splits Happen -1 versus ICBING:  These teams have identical team averages.  Peanut Gutter and Sauve Lefty just made hay in 2 v 2, but Fabio is already overthinking matchups and I think ICBING folds up like a chair in this one.  Splits Happen got left at the altar by their captain and Captain Spare-O, yet here they are in the B semis with a chance to make the sweet 16.  I think they punch their ticket as PG doesn’t stay hot, Fabio pushes the wrong buttons and it all goes down in a blaze of glory.  Sometimes you just have to type what you would love to see happen.  If S-Lefty is hot and they ride him SH may be up a creek.  Here is the ICBING team meeting trying to determine what 7 to play tonight:

LOS -8 versus Pinny Candy:  This is another mismatch on paper.  The Towers are incredibly hot, they destroyed 2 v 2 prelims with Precious rocking a 650 and Cheese notching a 275, Pinny Candy may be able to take low points off Corn Nut or Strike Dancer, but I don’t see them getting many more points than that as LOS advances in two and heads to a sweet 16 match with my favorite BoPo team.  Here is Stiffy after getting the Shithawk treatment tonight:

DHD -3 versus Strikes of Hazzard:  This may be only early match that sees a game 3.  DHD is the favorite, but despite a rough season in Tuesday A Strikes already has beaten DHD.  G Force fell flat on his face in Monday league and is going on his 300 straight day at the lanes so old man river may be running out of gas.  Save the whole how dare you he is a war hero act, we remember and honor that, but this is about bowling and G Force may be spent.  Don’t forget I am the same guy that left the man for dead on the back steps.  Doc Moose was hot yesterday and locked in on the fresh rolling low 200 after low 200.  Hazzard will need to let LB roll and roll and roll if they want to keep pace and tighten their lines.  Hark has been hot and will be the difference, G will find it, SK, Pickle and Inferno will do their thing and they will outlast Hazzard, but most likely not as easily as everyone thinks:


YB2 -1 versus Guacabowle:  This is a tough first round draw for Thursday heavyweight Guac.  Mitch didn’t seem to think it would be much of a match when we were talking yesterday, but Pistol Pete and Itz are proven playoff rollers in this league and they have shown they don’t play when it comes to the playoffs.  As in they don’t play you if they think they can win, just ask Shifter.  Crackerjack is a stud and All Day will be there for the match, so a very formidable foursome.  It will go three games and would love to hear that bell ring.  Mitch and Sparetime will bring the heat, but the rest are wild cards, and even though I love Dick Whitman for the faith in the first round that piss drunk cock has zero chance of being upright by the time this match starts.  I expect this to be back and forth and right down to the wire.  Thunder is hyped for this match, bring your dollars it is gonna get crazy:

If they do lose (hope not Thursday A dude at heart over here)here are Mitch and Dick at Howie’s after the match:

Guns if Brighton -1 versus Bingas:  I’m loving all late matches to go three tonight.  Bingas is a battle tested playoff squad, but they get a first round match against a team of the year candidate that are as tight as any team in the league.  Holden made himself a grand this year, Hand will change the pattern on their pair, Jon Moon and Squeaky G can close frames and Lil Bit and SeaTown will provide the lady power.  Jerk, Tso, and GB are murderers,but all have struggled at different times this year.  Cookie has been hot of late and usually gets a big one and as a new dad he and Chernobes will be sleep deprived for a late match headed for three games, Knuckles rounds out the crew and she will be ready.  Man, this is gonna be another hot match to watch, but after Tuesday night Doc just thinks there is something in the air for these overlooked Thursday A squads.  This one will be:

Here are Jerk, Tso, and GB after the match:

Skol -2.5 versus Leisure Rolls:  I really wanted to pick the trolls in this one, but SKOL has too much fire power and Dutch has hit the wall and is rolling Thunder scores, which isn’t good.  Rolls are hot at the right time, but I can’t see Viking letting this one slip away and, unless someone on rolls can hang with Gunz, this could be over in two.  Leisure have been known to make the magic happen, but this would take some serious Magic.  Speaking of Magic and Dutch here is how they met:

SOD -1 versus TMX:  SOD has been up and down, they either have a line or the don’t, and rolling the burn gives TMX a shot at the upset if Squatch can get his head out of his ass and just focus like he did against XXX Club TMX has the fire power to push SOD to a game 3.  SOD made big offseason moves, but still landed middle of the pack, Diesel gonna have decisions to make tonight.  Booth if you get sat all three came hang with your boy on per row son.  

Here is Diesel and Booth in college, neither graduated, huge surprise:

Good luck tonight all, should be another rocking night, and to those who have had their seasons ended we salute you, come out and join the party and if not see you at the Bowling Ball.






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