Ta Da!

Damn BoPo that was amazing, never had a draft that crowded before, and everyone toughed out the 90 degree temps.  Looks like Draft League 10 is off to a hell of a start.

Double Cheese   Karl Hungus   DickDuJour   Deputy   Glossy Mexican   Holden Green   Doc Moose   Walter   Space Farmer
Mama D Jamacan Jerk PPP Crackerjack Franky A Borabora Precious Viking Rick Vaughn
BrownMichcox Cilantro McStriker/Mo$ Shooter/WR Jr. Hoss Purple Nipple Iceberg E-Minor Dick Whitman
Viqueen Slow Roll Flatline C-murda Ice Ice Mary Bowl Murray Zip Inferno Marbles
Major Danks Rocky Balbowla Nuber Mr Hilti Rip Cord 2.0 Rubbys Fisher Price Stephen Kingpin Animal
Tron Dump Truck Seachels Carolina Lefty The Fuge Train Conductor Handy El Hombre Duro
Big Party   Danny Deisel   Nugget   Seatown   Natro   Magic   Chernobylayne   Shooter McDab   Ruby Canary
G Force HBK Tango Roadhouse Cerrano Bucky Master Splinter Duke Thunder.. King Ding dong
Mr. Flo Rida Badger/Dude Squeeky G Burt the Bandit Dutch Brooklyn Cpt. Spare-O Squatch Cygnus X1
Macballs T$ Eggroll Sticky Fingers Marne Asada L-Mac Xander Dos Ducken Triple G
Strike Tyson Black Swan Kelly Kabowlski Hot Gravy The Cleaner G Unit Slipping Jimmy Big Red Lil Lane Master
Plan D KyBowl Ren King Bird Bones Sasha Northfield Sally Bowls Bexxxks Ram Rod Silver Swayze
Hakeem Bowl   Lil Pickle   Happy Feet Pete   Dr Thunder   Rufio   Hexy   Cupcake   Crowbar   Titty Bang Bang
Couch Cleveland ADL Mitch Cumstein Rev Lord Herb’n Legend Gunzzz Nutsauce Lala
Spare Time Twisted T Soccer/Dentist General Tso Gutterslut Lobsterman? Tilt–a-whirl Hambone Gutterboi
Chatty Phil Frames Captain Insanal Lil Bit Jem Metro Boy McCraken T’Mater Snapshot
Spare Me Beaujolais 8-bit Invisible Hand Lucky Charms Princess Pinacle Garlic Jones Mokiki Swanny
Island Boy Jail Bait Red Turkey Casual Hundo Jon Moon Tommy Torpedo DC Buck Dynah Mo Humm


6 thoughts on “Ta Da!

    1. He is a good guy – he just wasn’t there last night. I will make sure you guys find each other next week 🙂

    2. Here! Full time Realtor… and my wife is 39 weeks pregnant- I am planning on rolling, pending child birth.

  1. Excellent draft – now just some boring housekeeping. Captains remember TWO copies of the scoresheets need to go to the front desk – or just give them to me if I am around. Hungus needs one and I need one. You guys all have phones if you so badly need a copy of the scoresheet – just take a pic. Hungus does the wins/loss and division standings – I need them to do all the stats. The first week if you could print nicely so I can get the correct spellings of the new folks – that would be helpful. Now on to another wonderful season of Draft – see you all on the lanes!

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