Power Rankings: Top 8


1. Glossy Mexican – Getting Frankie Abralon at 25 quite a coup, and JR. Hoss as a 3 makes these guys the preseason favorites

2. Doc Moose – He drafted primarily for height, but put together a powerful team.  Iceberg is a sleeper for the 2nd round, and Zip is a Doc-recruited woman from Yankee who he has inside info on

3. Chernobylayne – Defending champ Captain, multiple draft titles to her name.  Splinter and Spare-O a nice 1-2 punch and Xander always a solid piece too

4. Magic – He had arguably the best 2 round draft with Ripcord and Brooklyn.  If Yankee mystery woman L-Mac is good, look out

5. Diesel – He always seems to do well in draft league.  A playoff lineup of Diesel, HBK, Badger and Kybowl Ren can do some damage

6. Deputy – He’s got Crackerjack and the women’s doubles champs runners up

7. Dick Sparkles – They got the golf pro

8. Big Party – Party started rolling well himself last year, and he got the experienced duo of G Force and MR. Florida, with MacBalls and Plan D a couple of strong league bowlers

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