Late Thunder

Doctor pulled the late shift, Draft League 10 is in the house, we got DJ Jon on the tables so it is time to shred! Busy week for the Doc as I am officiating Rock Bowlboa and Handy’s wedding this weekend sonot a lot of effort went into these.
Hungus -12 versus Farmer: Farmer drafted a team only a mother could love. His first two picks Rick Vaughn and Dick Whitman are a couple of piss drunk cocks whose averages were about 20-30 pins lower than the best available when Farmer (Thunder) drafted them. Now they get to watch the losses pile up while they have more fun than everyone else. Marbles, Animal and El Hombre round out this squad, expect this team to be blasted every week on and off the lanes. Whitman, Ricky and Marble all have been putting in daily work preparing for this match. On the other side of the lanes Hungus begged
everyone to let him keep Jerk and everyone abided because most folks feel that Jerk is washed up. I am not one of them. Jerk loves being reunited with his 2 v 2 partner, has been putting in the time, and has a nice early look on this pattern. Rocky will be out to sea a lot which helps them. Cilantro has been hot
on this pattern and Dump Truck and Slow can take down some pins. Farmer, Dick, and Rick think they have something up their sleeves tonight for Hungus and crew, but I think they end up falling flat on their faces like the drunk piss cocks they are. Here is the three of them after the first of many losses this

Oh, separate incidences……..
Chernobes -1 versus Thunder: Layne is the defending champ and has splinter, but Spare O has been lost in space on this pattern, although regroup yesterday but still in own head complaining about needing a
spare ball. Xander is a strong 3 and Slipping Jimmy and Bexxxxks are unknowns. Thunder is trying to rebuild his game after falling on his face last season and due to it stole Farmer’s first round picking landing Mitch C. Tso and Mitch give Thunder’s squad a powerful 1-2 but he and Hand will have to bowl well in this one for them to stand a chance. Lil Bit and Hundo usual roll around 100 which is good enough to get most teams killed. Advantage Layne squad. Here is Thunder admonishing the ladies after their 6 th sub 115 of the match:

Shooter McDabbin versus TTBB pick em: Evenly matched on paper. Shooter had a solid draft first year in captain’s chair netting Duke, Squatch, Das, Big Red and Ram Rod all long time BoPo staples, fun crew to spend the fall with. TTBB despite having her pick of the liter went lady ace Lala pick one, then
grabbed her dude and rounded out squad with nice mid-level depth in Snapshot, Swanny, and DMH, expect this team to shock some folks. Here are TTBB and GB after match:

Jesus guys get a room!
Buttplugs/Go Flock Yourself (Sparks DDJ) -5 versus Double Cheese: Cheese is going to get stomped by LOS teammate Putt Putt tonight, somehow Sparks pulled one of best bowlers in league at pick 3, first round was odd to say the least. Cheese took a reach in round 2 with the return of BrownMichaelCox,
great dude rusty on the lanes which will lead to a loss to the Buttplugs tonight. There will also be a twin battle tonight. Last time these guys had a dance off it cost Tron an Achilles. Here is a live look in at Cheese and crew trying to recover from the match when they catch the Buttplugs in a suite.

Seatown -3 versus Happy Feet Pete: Both these folks had great drafts I just think Town is loaded. Roadhead is an absolute ace, Burt will be back to form on this pattern, Hot Gravy been doing work and bowls for free, Sticky Fingers is a party machine that puts in the time, no clue who Bird Bones is but she
is on a fun ass team. I think I’m going to try and get on Town’s team. Happy Feet Pete has him so that isn’t good this guy splits more wood than a fucking lumberjack. Hey-o! All Day Lemay will come and bowl when she wants to and be great, but she has had attendance issues in the past, Soccer/Dentist duo
is legit and also black out drunk! Insanal and 8 Bit are the same person with different color hair, and I hear Red Turkey is pretty good, solid squad but tonight Town paints these clowns red. Live look in andInsanal and 8 Bit after the loss:

Rufio versus Deputy pick em: A couple of great teams here. Rufio racked up some talent at bottom on the draft with Rev Lord, Gutter Slut, Jem, Lucky Charms, and Jon Moon, they literally have a bunch of people that can roll. Deputy stacked at top with everyone’s favorite bowling nerd CrackerJackoff and the solid lady duo 2 v 2 runner-ups White Russian and Shooter McGill. You happy now Bora???? C Mudra and Hilti can roll, don’t know Carolina but spent first two years of my life in Hilton Head so I can get behind that.

Lil Pickle -1 versus Big Party: That’s why you draft to have even teams; hopefully, unless you are on Holden or Farmer’s team. These teams are super evenly matched. G Force no longer wants to be on Big Party’s team and asked me to trade for him yesterday, but the Doc ain’t go nobody to trade. Stay alive
one more year G, the Doc will try and do the same and we will make 2020 Thunder Force a real life thing! Also, if Munson drops dead you are in for Bork. G and Flo Rida are cagey vets, Mac Balls Strike T and Plan D round out this party squad. I do have concern for Plan D because once Plan A-C fails you are
pretty much absolutely fucked, which most of Big Party’s teams usually are. Lil Pickle wants to beat the hell out of her dad for being born:

A woman like Lil Pickle has an empty hole right through the middle of her……
She’s got a great one team punch in the Steamer and Twisted T, Phil Frames is a big up and comer, Beaujolais should murder this pattern and is a joy to have on your squad, and Jail Bait (watch out for the
Dentist with a name like that) rounds out a solid Pickle crew. Here is Dentist meeting Jail Bait:

Classic Dentist. All right let’s rip the lid off this thing. Also, it is Holden Green’s bday and he is early shift here he is late night at Howie’s:

Show me your laffy taffy definitely top 5 Doc song of all time….

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