Week 1 Top 10

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1. (3) Chernobylayne (1-0): Never doubt Draft League’s Belichick , Chernobylayne.  She is going for the repeat, and her new #1 Master Splinter started the season with 16 straight strikes

2. (1) Glossy Mastodon (1-0): They did just fine without their Captain

3. (NR) Double Cheese (1-0): Comeback win in a bowloff over a great opponent, and Cheese averaged around 230

4. (NR) Crowbar (1-0): Not sure the 1-2 punch of Hambone (219) and Mokiki (214) hold those averages, but those are some strong scores behind ace Nut Sauce

5. (7) Dick Sparkles (0-1): They lost in a bowloff but look really strong, averaging over 700

6. (6) Deputy (1-0): Looks like they may have a lot of blowouts in the Railroad division

7. (NR) Seatown (1-0): Burt the Bandit is back!

8. (NR) Nugget (1-0): Nice start with Nugget (214) and Squeaky G (207) leading the way

9. (NR) Walter (1-0): Huge win over Ripcord and Co to start the season

10. (NR) Hakeem (!-0): Ridiculous start from Couch at 246 average, the rest of the team will come along

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