Back In The Game (Hungus early game previews)

IMG_0796I would have killed for a makeable 3

Week one is always pretty interesting.  It’s before Labor Day, teammates are new, half the league hasn’t bowled in 4 months. Some folks (looking at you Nugget, Squeaky G, Mokiki and Hambone) come out of the gates on fire and wonder if they’ll be able to hang in the top tier.  Others (looking in the mirror) crap the bed and wonder if they’re washed up.  Week two starts to answer a few of those questions.  As for the overall week 1, we had a record number of bowlers, we got a brick (nice work Splinter) and a bolwoff, so that’s about as good as it gets.

Early Games

West Side: #1 Chernobylayne (1-0) -5 vs T.T.B.B. (1-0): Hard to top the start Splinter had.  Sixteen straight strikes and a BoPo banner unveiling, and he’s on the defending draft league champs. Now they bowl on the higher scoring West side, but not much room to go up from 300.  He got so carried away with his ability to do anything he even officially switched to Guns of Brighton.  Look out Thursday.  Anyway, Denim VaJean is a force again.  On the otherside Gutterboi looks like maybe he’s shaking off his yearlong slump opening with a 203 average.  These guys look solid, but the Nobes train is already rolling full speed.


Magic (0-1) -3 vs #10 Hakeem (1-0):  In an effort to reward week one results, Magic’s team got knocked out of the Top 10 rankings.  They were over having a battle on the West side.  Anyway, they’ll be in the Top 10 again after this week I assume.  Hakeem has got Couch rocking a monster 246 average, but he’s getting crushed by Ripcord’s 262 on the other side.  Those are just ridiculous.  Everybody gets a strike!

#3 Double Cheese (1-0) -9 vs Hexy’s Hooligans (0-1): When you have a top pick in the draft, you’re supposed to be the ace yourself.  Cheese did that with a nice 228 start. His top pick Mama D got off to an awesome start too.  Meanwhile Herb’n, the most sought after guy in the draft (he was picked by 4 captains!) got off to a slow start.  Still, welcome to Draft League Herb, at least you’re back on the lanes!  I think Cheese keeps cooking.

#5 Dick Sparkles (0-1) -3 vs #4 Crowbar (1-0): Game of the night based on the power rankings.  TammyLynn’s crew let one slip away then lost the bowloff, but they still managed the 3rd best average in the league.  The 2nd best? Crowbar!  Her squad had some monster performances, with Hambone rolling a 3-game 219 average, and Mokiki backing him up with a 214.  Also, Nut Sauce.  She’ll be battling her old squad, and I can only assume she has some side bet directly with Dick Du Jour too.  Mo $ will try to follow up her 178 average, which is a very forced segue to the fact that Mo will be showing up at 7pm to DJ for the rest of the night.

Big Party (0-1) -5 vs Happy Feet Pete (0-1): Big Party got off to a slow start other than G Force, but Happy Feet Pete’s team got off to the worst non-Pineapple average start in the league.  Insanal leads the team with a 152.  G Force and Mr. Florida both got their normal 190s.  Well, it’s just one week, could be an anomaly.  Here’s Insanal breaking down the upcoming season.

#7 Seatown (1-0) -5 vs Lil Pickle (1-0): A couple of teams off to nice starts battle early.  Lil Pickle was led by Cleveland, but got solid performances throughout the lineup.  Seatown saw a revived Burt The Bandit, plus got a 191 average from 4th round steal Hot Gravy.  Pretty nice to get a huge win and not even have the focus be Roadhouse or Seatown.  Well, the winner is off to a nice 2-0 start.  Roadhouse and Burt is a nice duo, here they are looking for more team bonding .

Natro (1-0) -12 vs Rufio (0-1): Natro’s team got their 14 points vs Pineapple.  Rufio’s team appears to have already lost their top player to injury.  Guessing Natro racks up a ton more points while we keep looking for a replacemnet for Rev Lord.  Here’s Natro so far this season.

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