Late, Dark, Depressing Lines

Anyone else read early lines already?  Thanks for the super uplifting Deer Hunter scene Farmer, jesus dude.  Anyway, here are some late games.  Life is meaningless and fleeting.  I’ll try to keep the Farmer vibe up.

Diesel (1-1) -3 vs Six Tits (1-1): An unimportant game in the pit of despair.  Diesel’s team is led by the appropriately named Heartbreak Kid, and the Six Tits will experience the pain of that Heartbreak tonight.  Here’s Diesel telling Swanny what’s up after game 3.


Spared No Expense (1-1) -3 vs Magic’s Gathering (1-1): Buck Ripcord averaged 262 in a loss.  Then he left and Magic won.  Now he’s back, and this is him after raising his average to 270 and still losing, while the rest of his team heads for Howies.

Walter (2-0) -9 vs The Dream Team (1-1): Walter’s crew has beat up on two title favorites, so I guess that make them the title favorite?  Nothing more painful than being a title contender and not finishing it off.  Here’s Viking telling Walter what could have been at the end of this season.

Double Cheese (1-1) -5 vs Big Party (1-1): Double Cheese is certainly crushing pins, and tonight will also be crushing the joy out of 6 opponents.  Big Party changes his name for a few hours after this one.

Cakeballs II (0-2) -3 vs Shirtless Fuckers (0-2): Cakeballs have been bowling well, but getting the best out of every opponent.  Gunzz is averaging 230+ yet they are 0-2.  It’s like whatever they do, no matter how hard they work they just can’t get ahead.  Here’s Tommy Gunzz trying to get the team a win.

Still with me?  I mean, at least this is less depressing than the Russian Roulette scene in God damned Deer Hunter!  I’ll finish with a slightly less morose clip.

Yes is More (1-1) -3 vs Dr. Thunder’s Revenge Tour (0-2):  Some speak of a ‘Thunder curse’ in Draft League.  I don’t know if it’s real but since these are dreary lines lets assume it is.  He’ll put his curse up against his biggest rival, a Farmer led team that is going to roll 6 games between 145-185 and see what happens.  Tonight it’ll be enough.  Here are Thunder (first) and Farmer talking to their teams about what to expect tonight.  Thunder certainly seems confident, Farmer you’ve got some freaks on your squad, but we already knew that.  Looking forward to the Civility Brunch!

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