Oh yeah, Early

No time for lines today, which brings me to my other point.  Several folks with late games have asked the early games to try to keep moving.  Really shouldn’t take over 2 and half hours to finish early round as long as the lanes are working.  Take your smoking breaks on your game off please and thanks on behalf of the late-game commenters.

Six Tits (2-3) -3 vs Shirtless Fukcers (1-4): I guess the shirtlessness will accentuate the large number of tits

Magic’s Gathering (3-2) -3 vs Danile Deezys (2-3) Fun note, Magic benched Brooklyn and Buck game three last week to lose a 7-3 lead.  That’s a guy dedicated to the spirit of BoPo!

The Strike Is Right (4-1) -3 vs Walter (3-2): Walter, you’re the next contestant!

Hexy’s Hooligans (4-1) -3 vs Big Dills (4-1) Shout out to the Dills for making it the furthest without a loss

Whiskey Shooters (0-5) -13 vs Aperol Splitz (0-5): After tonight, only one team won’t have a win!

Titans (2-3) -3 vs Rufio (1-4): Titnas had an 885 game last week, and lost the match. Ouch.

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