Wild Night Ahead

In addition tot he final night of the regular season, Bayside Bowl is hosting the Battle of the Brewery Bands on the main stage. That means a few hundred people at that bar for a ticketed show.  Once the east side is ticketed, if you need to go to a bar just go to the West side (or ideally just order through your servers).

Playoff Implications of Each Game:


EARLY: PhishBowl vs Magic’s Gathering: PhishBowl is eliminated with a loss, in with a win and a loss by either Yes Is More or Six Tits.  MG is in the playoffs, a win gets them a wildcard round bye.

EARLY: Walter vs Shirtless Fers: Walter wins division with a win and a SNE loss.  Finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th with a loss.  Fuckers are eliminated.

EARLY: Spare No Expense vs Cakeballs: SNE clinch division and Buck #1 with a win. Also clinch division with a Walter loss. Cakeballs eliminated.

LATE: Strike Is Right vs Six Tits: SIR in wildcard round with loss, possible bye with a win.  Six Tits get wildcard spot with a win, eliminated with a loss (unless they lose 8-7, Phish Bowl loses, and Yes Is More loses 15-0)

LATE: Any Given Thursday vs Dr. Thunders Revenge Tour: Too many variables for AGT to write down, could finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th depending on a lot of other games.  Dr T eliminated.

LATE: Yes is More vs Denim Vajean: YIM gets wildcard with a win, or losses by both Six Tits and Phish Bowl.  Vajean is division champ, can get Buck #1 seed with a win if SNE loses.

BYE: Truth Hurts: Get wildcard if two of Yes Is More, Phish Bowl, Six Tits lose.

BYE: Dream Team: Eliminated


EARLY: Schnitzengiggles vs Aperol Splitz: Schnitz will win division with a win, and by Nut #2 for playoffs. Aperol eliminated

EARLY: Dolla Bets vs Hexy’s Hooligans: Schnitz will win so division out of reach.  Both teams in playoffs, Dolla Bets gets wildcard round bye with a win

EARLY: Big Dills vs Titans: Dills in Wildcard round regardless.  Titans eliminated

EARLY: Go Flock U vs Whiskey Shooters: GFY in playoffs with a win, or wins by Vice Squad or Rufio.  Whiskey in with a win, and losses by Vice Squad and Rufio

LATE: Baeside Rollers vs Rufio and Sauced Boys: Rollers are locked in as Nut #1. Rufio eliminated.

LATE: Vintage Thrust vs Vice Squad: Thrust earns wildcard bye with a win.  Vice Squad eliminated.

LATE: Murder of Crows vs Hole Package: Crows have good shot at wildcard round bye with a win. Hold Package eliminated.


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