A Journey Through Space and Lines

And Ode To Draft League

Can’t believe we are at week Eleven, seems like its only been a couple months, 3 at the most, since we
first formed our teams and started rolling Draft League this year.

I am such a huge fan of draft league. I absolutely love getting to know more people in the BoPo family,
and as a captain it is super fun to put together a team that all gets along well, supports each other, and
wins almost half of their matches. To Animal, El Hombre Duro, Marbles, Dick Whitman, and Rick
Vaughn, thank you for making my fall a fun one. And to Ricky V, thanks for the ride home most nights. I
highly recommend never driving to BoPo if you can pull it off. Yes is More!

Every year Draft League allows us to discover new friends, have friendly, and sometimes loud, rivalries
with our BoPo teammates, and realize that we are all are united in our love for Bayside and Bowl
Portland. Each year, the people I meet and get to know better always exceed my expectations. I often
draft a person or two I really don’t know too well. And by the end of the year, they are friends. I meet
new people to BoPo, and by the end of the year we are chatting for a few minutes every time we see
each other at Bayside.

Draft League not only strengthens our weird little community. I think it exemplifies why we all love
Bayside and BoPo. Every Thursday I get to go to a Christmas Party. I see a hundred people I know and
like, and spend a lot of time with a smaller subset of that hundred folks. Just like the best Holiday
parties you attend every year. Only we do it every week!! We are all lucky to be a part of it.

Now lets be sure to end the regular season in style!!! We really must blow the roof off the place

No lengthy write-ups this week, just one liners. Have fun everyone and be sure to thank your
teammates for a fantastic fall….

Magic’s Gathering (-5) v. Phish Bowl – Mostly because I need this for my playoff chances.

Walter (-5) v. Shirtless Fuckers – Because they are better than Ruby’s team.

Hexy’s Hooligans (-1) v. Dolla Bets – Because I trust Tommy Torpedo to roll better than Dutch. Again.

The Big Dills (-3) v. Titans of Bayside – Remember when Hungus thought Doc Moose’s team would be
good? Lil’ Pickle does, and she shows who wears the pants in the family tonight.

Schnitzengiggles II (-15) v. Aperol Splitz – The all lady crew goes down in a blaze of beers tonight. And
Deputy gets dialed in for the playoffs.

Any Given Thursday (-3) v. Dr. Thunder’s Revenge – Thunder’s crew playing out the string, and Diesel’s
team gets the Wildcard spot for the playoffs.

Spared No Expense (-7) v. Cakeballs II – Is anyone betting against Glossy’s team to win it all??

Go Flock Yourself (-5) v. Whiskey Shooters – Because, lets face it, the playoffs need Mo-$.

Denim Vajean (-3) v. Yes Is More! – That Splinter guy is good at bowling. Farmer is hoping for some help
to sneak in the playoffs.

The Strike Is Right (-3) v. Six Tits – Fearsome Foursome for Hungus for the win! Please!!

Baeside Rollers (-5) v. Rufio! and the Sauced Boys – Congrats on the Division Title Cheese. Rufio, no
more drafting Rev Lord. Ever.

Murder of Crows (-3) v. The Hole Package – Wildcard for the Crows. Howies for the Hole Package.
Advantage Hole Package!

The Vice Squad (-1) v. Vintage Thrust – A positive end for Sea-town’s team, but the playoff spot goes to
Vintage Thrust.

Good luck tonight everyone! Send it out in style!

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