Writers Wanted

Hey BoPo, when this league started I had free time, creativity, and only 12 teams to cover.  Going into year thirteen none of those things are true.  Now we have 57 teams which is a lot to follow.  Part of what makes BoPo fun is the season long narrative – the lines, the trash talk, the stories.  So, I’m looking for some B division beat writers.  I plan to focus on Tuesday A with some occasional guest writers.  Farmer/Thunder should have Thursday A under control.  Any volunteers to take on some B lines?  It doesn’t have to be a season long commitment (though that would be cool too), but any help appreciated so all the teams are getting the coverage they deserve.  Email me at bowlportland@gmail.com if you have any interest. Thanks!

Karl Hungus, BoPo Commissioner

2 thoughts on “Writers Wanted

  1. People, this is a very fun thing to do throughout the season. I would say 90% of the people who read the stuff laugh, and the other 10% suck at bowling.

    Do it! You won’t regret it.

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