Thunder Late B

Folks apologies, we were supposed to have someone in the know for Thursday B, but as usual Holden flaked on us.

Pins and Juice -10 versus Strike City:  UREA! is no mas, ICBING least favorite team has left the building.  J Bird and here dude are headed to Austin and C Murda has been left to captain the team.  I have no idea what the new roster will be.  Strike City has been putting in some work and their captain Magnus has a new ball, now to buy some bowling shoes.  Honestly folks purchase shoes saves you $3 every time you walk in door.  Seeing as Strike City averaged a 400 last year, I favor C Murda and crew.  Here is C’s pregame speech:

Wow look at Godwin #12 and Jackson #11 they are like this fucking dude has straight lost his mind:

It really does cause this Bucs fan tears….

Lesbowlians -1 versus Hazzard:  Disgraced former Tuesday A team makes their way to Thursday B where they always belonged and right out the gate gets the shit kicked out of them by Tilt, Bubba and crew.  You won’t find a tighter group of teammates then the Lesbowlians.  Welcome to Friday Hangovers Hazzard.  Here are Luke and Jesse after the match:

Bowled and Beautiful -12 versus Bad News Spares:  Man haven’t seen many of these folks at lanes lately.  Welcome back folks.  B&B will have enough to get by the ever rotating ever changing roster of BNS.  Here is Saw #newDad after the one:–XY

Dude hasn’t had a drink since his kid was born…..

Happy Hands -15 versus Granola:  Happy Hands productions are OGs and they gonna treat Granola like OGs treat newcomers in the streets with a beatdown!

Good luck tonight all.





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