Last Minute Early B Lines!

I thought I had a writer, but can’t remember who, so here goes.

Pinups -1 vs Bowlderdash: Giving the slight nod to MacBalls and crew seeing as they are 13th year franchise.  McCracken’s squad is also pretty seasoned going into their 12th year.  Speaking of McCracken, he is trying to help me upgrade this site (not an easy task coaching me through anything tech related). He’s also helping me polish up my OK Cupid profile.  Thanks Boyz!

Roll Another -1 vs Five Finger Discounts: Another original squad in Roll Another! They will probably have the same team as the last 12 years. They did actually grab a B banner once, so I’ll give them that.  FFD hasn’t even officially signed up yet but Rufio assures me they’re in.  Probably more a statement about my belief in Roll Another they are favored by one against a non-existent squad.  Good luck Bones and Co!

FC Portland -5 vs Pinny Candy: This one feature the imaginary grudge match of Oolie vs Pay Day.  The good news is it’s an early game so both squads control their own timing.  Ram Rod is looking to make a splash in B this year and signed Polly Metro, a guy who’s bowled in lots of big games in A.  Oolie will also be back to retrieve his equipment from ball jail in the mezzanine closet.  Pinny Candy is typically unpredictable so who knows what they’ll do, but whatever they throw out I think Ram Rod handles



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