Thursday A Late Lines

I’ll be writing a few season kickoff words soon, but in the meantime, some of tonight’s lines from Space Farmer.

Late A Lines

Welcome back everyone!  I hope you enjoyed your holiday bender as much as I did!  And I am okay with a bye tonight, I could use a sober Thursday, it’ll be my last one until May (at the earliest!).

For those new to BoPo, nothing of what is said in these lines is serious.  I know sometimes people get upset at what they read, but trust me, it’s all for a laugh of two.  As an example,  Dutch always gets cranky when I (correctly) call him a piss drunk cock.  Here he is talking to me about the lines almost every Thursday last year:

Like I said, the guys a drunk.  And if you do have any issues with what we write, just let me know, and I’ll never mention you again.


Only 2 late A matches opening night, starting with this doozy:


Leisure Rolls (-7) v. Tattoos and Titties – Nice way to start the year off if you are the Leisure Rolls.  Even the far too drunk Dutch won’t be able to blow this one.  To be honest, I’m not positive of the changes for Leisure Rolls.  Pretty sure D$ is no longer on the team, but can’t be positive of that.  I only talk during podcasts, I never listen to them.  Hell, I won’t even remember what matches I predicted by the time we get to bowling tonight.  What, how is that possible?  I wrote this, but don’t remember it?

T&T….is this the same crew I remember of Rubbys, Red Empire, Ralphie, Gregoppolo, Train Conductor, plus others?  If that’s the case, these guys are doomed.  I spent way too much time at Bayside over the last couple weeks, and never saw any of these people bowling.  I’m sure they can figure something out night 1 of league on late lanes…or not.  Leisure Rolls win easy.

By the way, Magic has some new tricks up his, ummm, sleeve this season.  Take a look:


GOB (-5) v. Hexy’s Hooligans – Tough way to start the season for Hexy and her new crew of teammates.  Flatline, Tommy Torpedo, Lobsterman all will have quite the start to their BoPo lives with a matchup against one of the Thursday favorites.  Trust me, not all teams have this much talent.  Overall, I think this team will be fine on Thursday A.  But not this evening.

GOB is loaded this year.  And I’m not just talking about Holden, that guy is always loaded.  He tried to prove he was faster than Squeaky after a few too many on NYE:

GOB added 2 time champ Master Splinter.  Squeaky G is killing it on the lanes, he is looking sharp….just ask his new lady.  Invisible Hand and Jon Moon will get the occasional game to cover third or bottom point, and new member Black Swan will be great with her new squad.  And lets not forget about Sea-Town, she a stud also.  GOB will be a force to be reckoned with this season.  Certainly a top 3 squad on the night.  And they start with a victory.


That’s all for me.  Good luck tonight.  Except you, Dutch.

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