Season Thirteen

Welcome back, BoPo!  To any rookies, welcome aboard.  You are joining a pretty amazing community.  Thirteen Januarys ago 12 teams started throwing house balls at Yankee Lanes and drinking every Tuesday with some friends and a DJ.  Now we have 57 teams, our own building, a PBA tour stop, our own beer for the season, and most of all our own legends and stories.  When we started a 135 average got you in the top 10, now our homegrown folks have gotten really good and all the best bowlers in the state from other places have joined up.  We still operate by one overriding rule, Don’t Be A Dick. It’s pretty simple and everyone generally abides.  We have an awesome party twice a week, and then do it again every week for four months.  Come to watch on the night you don’t bowl – G-Force is older than you and he’s there for every game!

There is one spot left for a banner over the lanes.  The SauPo dynasty took a major hit with the departure of Splinter.  He also pushes the already improved GOB crew to serious title contender.  That said L.O.S. is my preseason pick to get banner #2 with their late signing of Mama D.  No weak links.

This year’s bowling ball is April 25, theme is ‘Wes Anderson’.  Please put it on your calendar – this is the best chance of the year to party with your BoPo community, and we usually go all out.  It would be great to see more teams there, this is our super bowl and our prom rolled into one.

Thank you for everything you do BoPo.  You are 400+ people strong!  We only added one team this year as I’m hoping the league can start to really integrate all the new faces and get a bit more cohesive again.  Show up, hang out, bowl, party, enjoy!


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