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Lots of big A matchups early grabbing the attention, but a coupe B games to take a look at as well.  Hopefully someone gets Thursday B’s first 200 tonight! Also, the B playoff rules are explained now in the rules section, but I’m guessing they won’t make sense to a lot of folks.  Only huge changes are that teams B15 and B16 are not in the playoffs, and that all other B teams are in the B bracket with a shot at B and A titles.

ICBING (0-0) -3 vs Happy Hands (0-1): I don’t know why I have ICBING ranked so highly, but I do.  I guess it’s the fact that they have the best bowler in B in Suave Lefty (though after week one some Tuesday B guys may take issue with that).  I do think they’ll stay int he rankings on wins alone as Thursday B looks ripe for the picking.  The highest team average after week 1 was 585.  On Tuesday B that would be good for 11th place.  Anyway, ICBING opens their season against a HHP team coming off a tough 8-7  loss.  They did bring back some old school players, including Bulge Temptingly.  Welcome back Bulge.  Maybe the Munj or Marv Gomez will be in the building tonight to help out, but I think they’re looking at 0-2.

WEST: Hazzard (1-0) -3 vs Granola (1-0): Hazzard started their transition to Thursday B down 5-0 before battling back for a win.  They look right at home in this division.  Uncle Jesse has a look at Top B Dog.  Granola’s 8-7 win was a bit more surprising but they’d like nothing more than to follow it up with another upset.  Ultimately Luke and Marne are too much, and then there’s Daisy’s Jeep

Lesbowlians (0-1) -11 vs Strike City (0-1): I love people attacking Farmer for it, but I was the one who slighted Tilt on that 233, attributing it to Coco.  Anyway, here’s Tilt and her 233 coming in to get back on track after an opening week loss to Hazzard.  The crew of Strike City was pretty stoked to get 4 points last week, this week I think that gets cut in half.  Magnus is still on cloud 9 about the Vikings anyway so they will celebrate this defeat as if it was a victory.

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