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How are ya!! So good to be back in season. Went to the lanes last Sunday, and every lane on the old side was full by 1015 in the morning. Craziness. I guess we all have to get some work in on Don Carter 39. By the way, how great is the new beer specially made for BoPo? I myself haven’t tried it yet, I’m doing a dry January (not a sober January, that’d be nuts!), but I am hearing great reviews.

Some surprising results in week 1. Will they continue in week 2? I have the early matches this week, and I start with a Crossover:

Tattoos and Titties (-1) v. Bowl Thugs and Harmony – Woah, talk about a surprise. T&T beat Leisure Trolls last week, something I did not see coming. Bowl Thugs and Harmony is a new team, led by Jail Bait and a band of people who are still getting to know each others names. Jail Bait recruiting his team:

For whatever reason it would be awesome for Thursday’s T&T to show Tuesday’s BowlThugs how to get shit done in BoPo. And while we are on this topic, Thursday, let’s show these guys how loud Thursdays can get. Reality is that BowlThugs are much stronger on paper, but it is an away match, so I chooseThuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuursday!
OK, now onto the all-Thursday matchups….some huge games!

Hexy’s Hooligans (-3) v. Leisure Rolls – I am officially off the Leisure Rolls bandwagon until they actually win a game. Hexy’s crew is waaaaaay better than T&T, and we saw how that went last week for Leisure.Hexy started the season a bit shorthanded, and proceeded to take it out on Pineapple and Bowl Murray on the board. Savage. This prognosticator, along with many great Americans, approve:

Hopefully the debut of Tommy Torpedo will be the boost they need to topple Leisure Rolls. Flatline rolled a 200 week 1, and he’ll need to keep that up to beat the scores from Magic or Insanal. Of course, he thought he was rolling late this week, so no clue if he’ll be there on time or not. You know Dutch will be only a little drunk, it is an early game after all, so he should roll well. But something tells me this might be one of those years for Leisure. Hexy gets her first win with the new team tonight.

Average Bros (-1) v. DHD – If this were Vegas, we’d take this match off the board because Doc Moose and Pickle will be in Costa Rica. Of course, if this were Vegas, Hungus would have 200 bucks on a three team parlay including this match, rights to buy tickets to the PBA Elias Cup, and a chugging contest between G Force and Bowl Murray. (You’d bet G Force, am I right?…Hungus said he would take Bowl Murray) Not sure how you go against G-Force, he even drinks while he is doing work on Lil’ Pickles house!:

Hold on, being told that was actually recently retired Mr. Florida. What do I know, those old guys all look alike! The absence of the dynamic duo will be the difference in this one. The Average Eskibros are still finding their footing on the lanes this season, but they all can roll big scores. And they also have Bowl Murray.Ba Dum Tss. I think they find the way to get to 8 points and have Pickle withhold any and all “favors” from Doc Moose while they are away in retaliation for them missing the match.

Guacabowle (-1) v. YB2k20 – One of 2 powerhouse matchups on the evening. YB 2k20 opened with a huge win over Thursday favorites LOS last week, and they did it in convincing fashion, winning 10-5. Shout out to Pistol Pete with an amazing 247 213 week. Well done. They have 3 guys (Pistol, Crackerjack, and King Ding Dong) in the top 6 for average so far, but it is pretty early in the season. Guacabowle absolutely crushed an overmatched Touch My Xcite 13-2, but the story was that 4 dudes on the team rolled a 200. Including Dick Whitman, who’s mustache reminds me of the 1970’s Bowling cards Hungus has hanging around somewhere. He’s a new man with the stache:

Expect huge scores in this match. I do think the ladies of YB 2k20 have an advantage, but the relentless pressure of the Guac dudes will overcome and get them the victory. This will be close, but the loose vibe of Guac will carry the day, and send Crackerjackoff over the edge:

Expect a healthy dose of South Park clips this year… funny, short videos. Perfect. And, by the way, Alan Alda is Senator ITZ’s spirit animal.

GOB (-1) v. LOS – Woah. A very tough match to predict. Both of these teams will be just fine over the season, but results like this match end up creating some weird seedings come playoff time. LOS opened with a 715 team average and a loss to YB2, with Cheese and Putt Putt getting 200s. Mama D, Stiffy (for one game) bowled decently, but weren’t strong enough for Pistol Pete and company. GOB….wow, great start. They added Master Splinter, and he rolled a 226. Holden Green, or should I call you Mr. Geenpants(?), cleaned up the road rash from NYE and rolled a 201 and a 206. Squeaky G had a 214. That’s pretty sweet. You know the last time TDYOB rained down that many 200’s on an opponent?…never!

No doubt this will be a close one. I can see Splinter, Holden and Squeaky keeping pace with Putt Putt, Precious and Cheese. Mama D may get some against Sea-Town. Invisible Hand/Jon Moon can get past Stiffy…I mean the guy did roll a 111 last week. Black Swan and Hanky Panky will battle as well. Like I said, a close one.

LOS doesn’t want to open 0-2 with Guac up next on their schedule, and I know they will roll well, but I will take GOB by a point. And then Cheese gives a speech to a dancing Stiffy and the crew:

(Cheese owes me a dollar for using a Brad Pitt clip for him.)

Good luck tonight! I love this tune, let’s party!:

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  1. No screaming here. I’m a party guy now. Someone has to pick up the baton Thunder decided to drop.

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