Late Thunder

Dr. Thunder:

Thursday!!!!!!!! Finally, back where we belong, tip of the caps to you Tuesday night warriors, this Wednesday was rough! What the fuck, Doctor Don Carter 185.7 don’t care. I got some late lines for your brains. Yo Thursday B we need some folks to help out with writing lines, folks that know the division and can make it worth your while to read. Oolie? Ramrod? Anyone? If interested:
Thursday A:
TDYOB (0-1) -3 versus BUI (0-0): Somehow, we lose to these cats every other year. G Unit brings it against us every damn time. Whiskey Dick I mean Pete goes Brooklyn hamburger sandwich, we roll largely like shit, and Duke Thunderwood rocks 215s. Well I don’t see that happening tonight. Team Bork been putting in work and has a game under their belt. They get Mo$ back in the lineup, Munson is due to breakout with a big one tonight and Farmer, Spare O and Thunder have had early nice looks on the Don Carter 39, literally my favorite pattern of all-time! Give me Bork to do enough for the win in a tight one as always with BUI.

This fucking guy may just be my spirit animal. Speaking of Spirit Animals check out G Unit, Snapshot, and rest of the crew having a team meeting after the match:

My Balls (0-1) -15 versus Touch My Excite (0-1): Touch off to a tough start with a 593 team average. That will get you your ass kicked in pretty much any league you roll in except all the other leagues at Bayside. My Balls got fucking stomped week one by someone, they avenge that lose tonight on the excrement crew. Here is Frankie A breaking it down:

Here is me after listening to Frankie above:

Thursday B:
Party Mix (0-1) -12 versus Pinny Candy (0-0): FC dropped a goose egg on Pinny Candy, and it doesn’t get any easier tonight. Party Mix got opening night off due to a bye which sucks major ass, here are the boys from Party Mix getting ready to head to the lanes:

Whacky bunch those guys. PC team average is 510, I expect Party Mix to be way higher both literally and figuratively and to roll in this one, not that PC will care much they are back every year to send them down the lanes and enjoy that BoPo vibe.
FC Portland (1-0) -5 versus Bowlderdash (1-0): Ramrod has retooled FC Portland, Oolie found his balls and this crew is on a B side revenge tour. Hopefully it didn’t go like the Patriots latest revenge tour one and done:

I think FC rolls in this one, but longtime rivals Bowlderdash aren’t just going to give it to them:

Five Finger Discount (1-0) -10 versus Bad News Spares (0-1): I always love to look for the bowling names for the Bad News Spares they have a rotating cast of characters and some awesome names this year we have Split Personality, GBallz, Bowl Movement and Rollapinna after week one, expect to see about 10 names for these folks on stat page before end of season. Slugga leads the way for 5 finger and they will roll their way to their second win:

Bowled and the Beautiful (1-0) versus Roll Another (0-1): Luckily for Uncle Buck and crew Bones won’t be there to roll 100s all night killing the team and the vibe. Bowled and the beautiful came out hot Beaujolais, Durro and crew look to move to 2-0 with some bush league soccer shit. Here they are trying to get in Roll Another’s head:

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