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Hi Everyone.

Freshly back from New Orleans, and I must say my hiatus from dry January was just what the Farmer ordered!  Had a blast down there with Hungus.  Huge thanks to the Commish for the hookup on the tix! And Geaux Tigers!

Hungus and I were one of the only “mixed couples” at the game.  Virtually no other groups of people that mixed Orange and Purple.  I was even told I should divorce Hungus by one of the thousands of drunk fans down there.  Love that town!  Saw some sweet music, drank cheap High Lifes, ate some Popeyes with a Miller Lite, and even came back with some cash in my pocket!  But for the record, I can’t quit you, Hungus.  I’d miss BoPo too much!

Three late A matches, including a rare visit from 2 former champs from Tuesday, but wow do we have a Thursday biggie:

Guacabowle (-1) v. GOB – Tough to pick against either of these teams, but I will roll with the hot hands of Guac in this one.  Last week they busted out an 800, only to fall one short against Y&B2k20.  GOB lost to LOS in a tight one that had bowloffpotential, but alas it was not meant to be.

I’m beginning to think that Dick Whitman needs to shave the stache….he’s getting a little weird about it.  Here he is showing off his work to DumpTruck and Mitch Cumstein.

Wow, remind me not to order the spicy sandwich at Howies. And paging Dr. Don Carter, please get that guy a razor.  Stat.

GOB will throw big scores tonight.  You know they will.  But Guac is feeling it, so I’ll take them in a close one.  

I saw Invisible Hand get some grief from Anonymous on Tuesday.  I thought I’d defend him and share video of all that he does before the lanes open at 4:

Here are the boys of GOB doing some snooping in the pro shop to see what Splinter keeps in there:

Jesus, watching these clips I’m pretty sure I am the one with issues…

TDYOB (-1) v. Tattoos and Titties – You can call this match the Don Carter Fan Club reunion.  Both of these teams seem to have found a whole bunch of love on this year’s pattern.  These guys may like it more than Dr. Don Carter himself.

Hambone has a 186 average.  Greg is over 200.  And Train Conductor (Train conductor!!) has a couple of 200s and a 193 average.  It’s like Train Conductor and Hambone have caught Lightning in a Bottle on this pattern:

Can this continue all season?  Or will there be a regression to the mean.  I saw Spare-O dropped his average 32 pins from Tuesday to Thursday, so I am hoping something similar can happen to T&T as well.  

Word on the street is that TDYOB may be picking up a new bowler.  Apparently Kyle Lowery from the NBA may have some free time on his hands after his next “random” screening.  Watch this and tell me he’s not TDYOB material:

Paging Dr. Carter.  Dr. Don Carter, please dial extension 39, stat.

I see this as a close match, but I like Bork being able to win those 2nd and 3rd points, and emerging with a close victory.


BEER (-5) v. Saucy Posse – Hungus should be well rested after his New Orleans adventures.  For sure he will feel more comfortable wearing orange than he did on Monday night, when he was a hopeful speck of orange is a sea of purple.  (Sorry for your loss, Hungus, and thank you again for the ticket hook up!).  Walking on Bourbon Street Sunday night there was plenty of Orange.  Monday night….not so much.

Saucy Posse is struggling a bit in their adjustments to the roster.  Walter still has huge games in him.  Nut Sauce is awesome at this bowling thing.  But I don’t see them keeping up with Railroad, Hungus, Herb’n Legend, Brandy, and Slow Roll.  I think it’s even probable that Ricky V gets some action in this one.  Here he is after learning he is starting….on defense.

What a tune:

DJ Jon tonight.  Let’s boogie!

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