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Takes a lot of balls to write anonymous lines like Mr. Shityourpants; Farmer and Doc don’t hide.  Trump would not be happy with these anonymous op-ed lines, let’s see if we can make the lines great again.  

Doctor Don got the early shift, better known as the morgue.  I’ve had more fun getting a cavity filled than rolling early.  Checking in for Thursday A early shift:


By the look of the A squads rolling early this will be boring as hell.  No offense.

Average Joes (2-0) -3 versus BUI (0-1):  BUI had one good game last week against TDYOB.  They went up 5-0, Snapshot started talking all this shit and as usual they lost.  Average Joes are 2-0, but they have Bowl Murray, so they are beatable.  This piss drunk cock rolled 5 gutters in a row in practice last week.  Currently averages 122.5 and she and Spare O each bet me a 6er she would tie my average from 2019 of 142.  I already drank all 12 of those beers.  Good luck with that.  Northpaw is off to a hot start and I think their guys have too much firepower for BUI.  Duke is an ace.  Animal crushed a 196 last week (who didn’t?) Snapshot is inconsistent and probably has kids tied up in his basement, and Whiskey Dick Pete and G 3 Units flat out suck on this pattern.  Advantage Bros.  This is Thunderwood’s life, cat comes highly recommended by the way.  Had a CDB massage off this cat a few weeks ago and left feeling 10 pounds later.  Thunder has to go to dude masseuses because the female masseuses always want to fuck me.  It gets old.


My Balls (1-1) -15 versus Lion’s Den (0-1):  My Balls comes into the season completely overrated, but they have a crossover against a Thursday B team so tonight they get an easy win despite being not that good.  Frankie looks like he needs a lesson from Doctor Don, Cygnus is pushing 100 and his special lady friend is injured:


The above is why they kicked Cleveland Steamer off the team, you mess with Cygnus special lady friend and you are gone.  This is the way.  Lion’s Den is a group of geeks and freaks:


Mokkiki talks more shit than any 150 bowler this side of Thunder, and somehow produced a beautiful baby.  Might I suggest a paternity test bro…..Das is the teams ace and that ain’t enough on a retooled Thursday night.  Speaking of tools check out Jailbait, Holden, and Sticky Fingers:


Wow, what a bunch of losers.  At any rate Lion’s Den is an automatic win on Thursday night this year and My Balls will cash it in.  Hoping this rattles the Den and they get an upset ruining Frankie’s life:


YB2 (2-0) -15 versus Touch My Excite (0-2):  Holy shit Lion’s Den, my bad forgot TMX didn’t go to Thursday B, you guys have a shot at one win.  You know who doesn’t have a shot at a win tonight?  Yep, you guessed it TMX, this gonna be like the scene in pulp fiction for Marcellus Wallace until Bruce gets there (dude took his time choosing a weapon), yep a straight up ass banging.  YB2 looking to hang a banner this year and put Thursday back on the map.  Pistol is lining up this pattern nicely despite never wearing deodorant, which is rough!  Their ladies in All Day and LaGa are one of the best 1-2 lady punches in the league, yep you can bet this one like it has already been played.  TMX is in full rebuild:


I think that’s all A early, if it isn’t who gives a shit?  Here I am training Mr. Shityourpants on how to write lines:


All right it is Thursday night, don’t walk out on your tabs (Tango), be nice to your opponents, get loose, get drunk, get fucked:


Doctor, I concur!



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