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Ball That (1-1) -5 vs. NED (1-0)

I was hoping to see who NED really was when they played Trolls last week.  But for some reason it appears that match didn’t happen??  Ball That is coming off a big win last week (big in points) in which I predicted them to lose.  NED has a +25 lead in team average but I think they’ll be cold (like the temp outside today) with the week off.  Ball That builds on their momentum from last week and wins in two.


Splits AF (0-2) -3 vs. Poultry Assoc. (1-1)  

This could be the most even match in Tuesday B tonight.  Welcome to BoPo Nurple and Splits AF!!  Its been a tough start for Splits versus two quality opponents- Last year’s B Champ and Runner Up.  Im still not convinced on Poultry.  Nurple and Shifter have huge nights tonight to get Splits into the win column, finally!


B.A.R.E. (1-1) -5 vs. Burners (0-2)

Garlic Jones was an excellent undrafted free agent pickup for BARE.  The guy is sporting 3rd highest average in Tuesday B!  And the Burners cant buy a break in this young season..  They averaged +10 more than Hookers last week and STILL lose 7-8.  The heartbreak for Burners continues tonight.  They will take it to Game 3 and keep it competitive but wont take the W.  0-3, ouch….



Bowl Trolls (0-1) -10 vs. Mindz (0-2)

Trolls are sporting the best team average in Tuesday B and Mindz has the worst.  Need I say more?  Mindz may have the worst average but they have the best BoPo spirit!  Mindz will be having a blast while Trolls win early and win big.  


Wrecking Balls (2-0) -7 vs. Bowling Stones (2-0)

Tuesday B Game of this Night!  Xander’s old team thrived in his absence last year.  Making it to the B Championship and beating Wrecking Balls along the way.  But Wrecking Balls is off to a very hot start and I just know Xander wants this win.  Stones have been good too, 2-0 themselves.. they might pick up some bottom points from H-Dawg and K-Train but Dude and Swanny lead Balls to the win with no contest.



Brooklyn Hookers (2-0) -9 vs. Whoomp (1-1)

Hookers had a rare sub 600 average night last week and got lucky coming away with the win.  Don’t expect them to make the same mistake tonight against an obviously weaker team in Whoomp.  I was really hoping to see a win streak outta Whoomp last week.  Honey High Hat and Castle are crushing it, they get Whoomp’s only points tonight.


Incredibowls (2-0) -11 vs. BILF (0-2)

Incredibowls owns every statistical category over BILF – Wins, Points, Average, Individual Averages… all signs point to a big win by Incredibowls here.  With a big enough win they might be able to take 1st Place in the standings.  


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