11 thoughts on “It Happened Again

  1. I guess there were a few Thursday B listeners afterall, but maybe not close listeners, because if you cut through the yelling and slurring it was a whole lot of love for a bunch of BoPo legends still doing it up and having a blast. I love all the divisions like my children. Full disclosure though, one of my children punches me in the nuts a lot.

  2. We, the silent majority of BoPo refuse to be silenced, or wait – we refuse not to be silent. Our silence is a reflection of the disdain for you fools who pretend to be the core of our league. Let’s not mince words, just because you idiots get drunk and bandy about regarding the 15 bowlers you know on a podcast (because they show up every day to discuss the nuances of barometric pressure and its in influence on their $300 ball’s performance on an early approach) does not make you the proprietors of the culture of the league. ThunderFrat is not culture – BoPo doesn’t belong to you.

    Hungus we appreciate your efforts to provide for all.

    1. Guess you only listen to what you want to hear. No one has a problem with the orthodox style.

      I read that as Thunderfart ha ha. Just some folks talking bowling and having fun, don’t like it, don’t listen. But most definitely the folks that do the podcast have love for all. Want to discuss further you can find me there most Thursday nights. I welcome the feedback and open and honest two way communication. Want something talked about l, let us know because as you pointed out we all have our different crews we hang with and the league is very large. We try to keep our ears to the pipeline, but much gets missed.

      To the final point I don’t think BoPo belongs to anyone and that is exactly what makes it great. A diverse community with a bevy of different values and beliefs that come together for 4 months a year to have a lot of fun every Tuesday and Thursday. I am psyched and honored to be a part of it and have been since 2010 it is a great community A B Tuesday Thursday we all should be so lucky to find something like this in our lives.

      Like Jim Morrison so eloquently said I am going to have my kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames.

      Your opinions will never change that.


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