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Howdy everyone.  We recorded a podcast last weekend, and from what I remember it is very much worth a listen.  Especially if you want to hear about a bowler who remembers less than MacBalls about BoPo!  And we forgot to talk about the new lines writers, New Orleans, all sorts of stuff.  We definitely went off the rails a bit once we got going, give it a listen!!  Apologies in advance to Kyle Sherman!


I’ll be taking half the A matches this week, Thunder has the other half.  We have a huge ticketed event on the old side, so everything is new side on Thursday at the traditional times.  We also get a couple bonus matches on a Sunday morning.

The lesson is clear:  read the fucking schedule closely people!


T&T (-1) v. BUI  There are only 2 unbeatens in Thursday A.  One is the league leader in average, Y&B2k20, and the other is Tattoos and Titties!  We played T&T last week and got absolutely crushed.  Gerg and Hambone were killing it, with huge scores.  At least until game 3 when Gerg lost his way a bit. Train Conductor rolled a game and then sat back and watched the team take care of business.  Spare Me and Crowbar danced their asses off and won points.  Twas a painful evening.  Felt a bit like this:

BUI has been able to put up big numbers, and boasts a very impressive 693 team average.  Snapshot had a 10 strike streak last week over a couple games.  Duke Thunderwood still has that silky smooth roll that we all admire.  He’ll even rub CBD oil all over your naked body (if you pay him enough).  Animal just shows up and rolls well, and is still pissed that Duke charges her for massages.  Whiskey Pete is psyched to have a cheer for when he strikes, even if it is “Whiskey Dick, Whiskey Dick, Whiskey Dick!”.  This is a solid team, but tonight they are running into a hot squad in T&T.   


Whiskey Pete prepping for the match:

Nice try, Whiskey Pete!


Duke Thunderwood making a house call at work this afternoon:


I expect a close one.  Duke and Snapshot can win points off of Gerg, Hambone, and Train Conductor.  But the depth of T&T may be the difference tonight. Whiskey Pete and G-Unit will need to have a good night to get them the win.  They are very capable of it, but I see them coming up one point short.


Guacabowle (-1) v. LOS  LOS has had quite the schedule to start the season.  Opened with Y&B, then GOB, and now Guac.  At least they can expect all of their opponents to be wearing deodorant tonight.  On the other side, Guac has been a bit snake bitten.  They have a 712 team average, yet sit 10th in the Thursday A standings.  Somebody get one of these teams a game with TDYOB.  Stat.

Mitch and Dick were hanging out at Howie’s last Friday morning when Cheese came over looking for breakfast:

Not sure why Mitch wasn’t wearing pants, but we’ll move on.

The Guacabowle crew are all rolling well.  Very well.  LOS are still getting lined up a bit, with Precious and Putt Putt yet to fully find their form on this pattern.  Somebody page Dr. Don Carter for a consultation!

If this match were later in the year, I could see it going the other way.  But give me the hot hands of Guacabowle tonight in a close one.


Lions Den (-1) v. Leisure Rolls – Sunday Fun Day!  Leisure Rolls will get their second crack at a win this week after a Bowl Off loss to Saucy Posse on Tuesday night.  10:45 am start for this match, and that means a few things.  One, Mokiki and Das Ducken will be able to hang out a bit as it’s not a late night for the baby.  And Dutch will probably try to stay up all night to be sufficiently loose for the morning match.  (Truth is  Dutch will miss this due to a work commitment….apparently he does real work a few days a week!)

Leisure Rolls are being led by Captain Insanal, and then its quite a journey down to their number 2 bowler for this match, Magic.  Beer Hunter has yet to find his mojo this season, and he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who looks forward to morning matches. He may have to set an alarm to get his drink on in advance of the match. Luckily, he’ll be able to find beers at the bar rather easily, along with shots of Hungus McNasty….Hey now!

Lion’s Den have a couple of rookies to BoPo who are looking good.  Both Otis and Mountain Man (who I believe is Mokiki’sbrother?!) are big additions to the team, and they are both legit.  Give me the family connection to continue the tough start for the Leisure Rolls season.  I think the Mokiki-Ducken love child put it best:

Hey now, take it easy, mini-MokikiDuck!


Good luck tonight.  DJ Mo playing the event on the old side after the late matches.  Maybe swing by and check it out!

2 thoughts on “Farmer Starts Your Thursday Reading

  1. No time for lines this week:
    GOB -10 versus TDYOB: Here is Holden giving a young Thunder advice:

    YB2 -13 versus My Balls: YB2 on a mission, Cygnus looked good in practice this weekend but who doesn’t? Here is Cygnus talking wedding bells with Luna:

    Looks like no invite for Cleveland Steamer.
    Sunday Funday:
    DHD -10 versus Hooligans: DHD is stacked Pickle and Doc are back from a tropical vacation here is Moose Jr. in their room:

    Turn the volume up, Jesus guys get the poor kid his own room. Hooligans nice addition to Thursday A, here are Tommy and Flatline after the match:

    Those dudes are extreme. Two Dogs and I did something similar back in day at Williams College and it hurt like shit.
    It is Thursday for those in the league that still drink, get loose!

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