Thursday B Lines

With a little bit of irony Thunder pulls short straw and getsTuesday (shit sorry-and in edits just saw it was Tuesday) Thursday B lines.  Let’s see if the Doc knows more than 15 people.  Also, #Thunderfrat rush will go through February 15, 2020.  We will have our bid meeting later that week, and then all bids will go out by end of February with pledging starting 3/1/20.  If you have any questions let me know.  Oh, okay, to the Thursday B guy that probably won’t get in:

Looking good Oolie.  Here are Oolie and Ramrod plotting our demise:

Here they were the day before asking me for a bid:


Wow looks like Thursday B got their feathers ruffled because the #Thunderfrat had a Thursday B guest and attempted to talk Thursday B on the most recent podcast.  Not sure I said one thing negative about Thursday B on that show but let me see if we can change that.

Five Finger Discount and Lesbowlians are on a bye here they are enjoying their bye together:

Tilt and Crew crushing FFD in wrist wrestling save for Slugga who gets by due to the old booger on the finger trick; cat is rocking a 180.3 average too….

I kid, I kid Oolie and Ramrod are innocent and two dudes that have rocked the BoPo vibe as hard as anyone from day one way back in 2008!  #Respect!

Early (AKA the Morgue):

ICBING (2-1) –1.5 versus Roll Another (2-2):  Let’s see I know everyone on ICBING well, and I know Uncle Buck and Bones fairly well.  Wow up to 8 people on Thursday B to add to the “15 people I know”.  Hey, I know Chup too, up to 9, have rolled against the Package and they also sport Flo, Scooby and Burn Unit.  I know all of ICBING from my former Ultimate Frisbee life.  These two squads know each other well and sport a pin difference in team average.  ICBING is vulnerable with the “retirement” of Peanut Gutter and the injury to Sauve Lefty.  If he is out this is anyone’s game.  If SL is off the shelf, then ICBING could roll.  Roll Another is in their 13th season of Bowl Portland and proud we are of all of them.  Strong work and fortitude to stick it out and do their thing year in and year out.  ICBING is a hard charging party team that sports a team of the year award, a liver award among other past Bowling Ball success, but man I sure don’t know jack about Thursday B.  Huge shout out to Peanut Gutter and Clarified Gutter, former ICBING staples, they watched as a young man they care about broke an all time scoring record in basketball here in Maine last night. I had the good fortune to be there with JJ, Two Dogs, and Bread and Gutter last night and it was a magical evening one I soon will not forget.  Said record holder also former Bayside employee.  Here are these teams are after the match:

Slow down Bones the fridge is leaking dude…….

When Thunder is in the house:

Bowled and Beautiful (4-0) -10 versus Pinny Candy (1-2):  With an early match and the new Dungus shot clock Pinny Candy stands to get a free pitcher of beer next week.  Pay Day, 100 Grand and Twizzler are the top bowlers on this long time candy themed named crew.  My Mom used to bring twizzlers to our track meets in college to keep us sugar fueled.  Shit has changed.  Sour Patch is my favorite candy of the bunch, but damn can those things sting.  Akin to a brain freeze chugging down a Wendy’s chocolate frosty.  

My God 90s rap was the absolute shit, in a good way.  

How many, I digress; Pinny Candy also sports lowest bowler in Thursday at 76 in Bulls Eye, is that a candy?  Other side of the coin Hungus been touting this is it for B&B they finally figured out they are a former A team in B and are ready to chase a title.  This is one of my favorite teams in the league.  Everyone on this team is a joy to roll with.  Yes even Mr. Mayor, dude takes waaaaay less time than he used to.  Speaking of Mr. Mayor, Snapshot I’m sorry dawg I said you look like the type of guy that has kids tied up in his basement.  You look like the mayor of the roof and a dude that spends a crazy amount of time at the lanes year round this side of Garlic Jones.  Garlic you may want to get insurance on your arm son because that thing about to fall off.  Whoops time for safety meeting, Doc will be right back!

Strike Tyson is hot as hell, Saw and Durro are two of the more solid genuine dudes that you can meet at the lanes and Ruby and Beaujolais as Farmer would say “they have nice eyes” I’m gonna say they are two kick ass ladies that been doing it the right way at the lanes for years.  Pinny Candy will be ready, but B&B has too much firepower.  Here is Saw giving Mr. Mayor advice after the match:

Fuck, gonna owe them dudes a retraction too……

Happy Hands Productions (1-2) -12 versus Band News Spares (0-4):  Bottom two teams in all of B both nights do not make playoffs.  Guess who doesn’t give a fuck?  Yep, BNS!  Sasha will have Mookie Oak and crew ready to go tonight.  Here is her pregame speech:

Sasha, chill a bit, it is just a Thursday night BoPo matchup.  Jesus what happened to Nicholas Cage?  Tat dude has got some demons.  Speaking of demons check out Space Farmer:

Farmer clean that shit up.  Strike a Pose and GBallz lead the way for BNS but HHP gonna show up to win:

Damn, Chunk took that speech in a weird direction at the end.

Strikes of Hazzard (2-2) -3 versus BSC (1-3):  Bowlhemian Strike City got killed by ICBING’s Rocky B on the last podcast if you listen to that type of thing.  Personally, I do not.  Wow check out Cheese and Farmer at OPT doing karaoke tonight:

Slow down a bit my friends.  That song came out when Farmer was 35.  Speaking of Dick Whitman:

Speaking of Cheese, a big toast of the glass to he and Slow Dancer on their engagement this past week.  I am super happy for you guys and excited for this next chapter in your lives.  I love you homeboy, thanks for being a long standing member of the #Thunderfrat.  I love you man!

Back to the match, I do what I want when I want, Strikes of Hazzard got shit out the bottom of Tuesday A, #beentheredonethat now they are rocking Thursday B freak flag and Thursday B smacking them around a bit.  Lil Rusty and crew will be game, Magnus will get that 100 average up.  Dude recently got a 159 took to Instagram to talk about how everyone thinks they are a joke, but they aren’t.  Yeah, I thought it was pretty fucking weird too.  Dude is first guy ever to buy a hooking ball and lose 25-30 pins.  No offense:

End of match, no matter which direction this match goes, here are the two teams making it out of sight because it takes 2:

Late (real early/it’s getting early):

Pin and Juice -1 (1-2) versus Granola:  My bad Rocky killed Granola on the podcast.  He also didn’t know his average.  What year he started in the league.  Who his rival is, and when asked who is your bowling rival?  He responded, “Boleyn rival?”  Guy doesn’t even know who Anne Boleyn was.  I know that for a fact; kid is my first son.  I saw is HS transcripts and I officiated the dude’s wedding.  Anyway, he has a hair across his ass for Granola, and C Murda and Buck have a hair across their ass that they got 3 folks over 150 and 3 under 110.  #recipe4disaster

Sorry old footage of me 5 years after college.  Just body not rhetoric, until he talks about everyone want to fuck him, that is me.  Holla if ya hear me!

Back to the match tonight P&J rise up tonight and take out Granola.  Plowman (tip of the cap to you as well Ms.Corningstone):


Sorry not sure where I was going there:

Fuck Thunder get back on track dude, what the hell is BoPo Orthodox and Thursday B gonna think?

My fucking God I did it again, these are literally not tomorrow’sgames!!!!!  Did I get any right?!?!!?!

Holy shit #thatiswhytheycallitdope seems these may be the correct, lines thank God!

Average Bros sorry about the Wednesday drama.  That is on me guys.  My bad.  Good luck tonight, also BM rocked 194 tonight she is gonna crush tonight.  If she doesn’t, I am with you guys, kick her off the fucking team!

FC Portland (2-2) -10 versus PinUps (1-2):  Want a good podcast check out last year when two of the dopest folks in league were on show; MacBalls and Lil Lane Master.  Wow these ladies don’t know jackshit.  You think #Thunderfrat knows 15 people these ladies know the folks on their team and me.  I feel sorry for them.  You better not mention that again:

Fucking tangents.  Holden Green is like what is a tangent?  Holy fuck we beat shit out of GOB last week.  It was great!  FC been doing it the same way over various iterations since day one.  Oolie and one of the leagues spirit animals Ramrod wave the freak flag high and hard.  Adding Caveman and Bean Pole were great additions to this long time Thursday B powerhouse, not to mention big bracket quarterfinalist back in day.  BEER got smacked by YB then FC under a different name knocked YB out and punched their ticket to quarters.  They brought in Polly Metro this year, a former Tuesday A ace, and they have eyes on a B banner.  Don’t say Banner:

Ha ha, beautifully shot!

That said, like a lot of us, they still party a tad too hard.  I wish I could give these guys a long term vote of confidence:

All that said FC claps off (as my little hoops player would say) Pinups in this one.  Great thing about Pinups; watch them roll, one of the few teams: good or bad strikes, or gutters, always smiles on their faces the entire match.  We could learn a lot from these cats:


Party Mix (3-0) -5 versus Bowlderdash (2-2):  Hungus been talking a lot about PM going undefeated, I don’t see it, they are a bunch of piss drunk cocks; they will find away to lose to someone.  Not tonight.  Hakeem and Beet rolling hot.  Big Party had a show at PHOME last Friday and 6 people came.  What kind of an idiot throws a toga party in late January in Maine?  Big party type of idiot, here he is, but only with 6 people:

Here is Hakeem seeing me at bar after I did his boy dirty:

Jesus adult swim is for drug addicts and fuck ups:

That guy looks like a barrel of laughs.  Now I know why Mr. Florida retired!

Bowlderdash used to have this dude Kelly on it that I played frisbee with.  He quit the team because I was too intense.

Boys puts in the work.  Sweet Tamm has a huge fastball, Bowlton and Mo Ink crush spares unfortunately Grandma’s Pal is averaging 85 over 9 games.  That is a ton of misfortune and back luck which she will soon rectify, until then they will lose every game because they lose total and bottom in two games which is 4 points down the drain.  But guess what Grandma’s Pal shit it is Granada Gal, that shit is on Doc, But GG and MBowlton don’t give a:

I think I got all those matches right if not:

Also look for the silver lining:

That’s a top Thunder tune right there, love everything about it.  I hear a voice call, calling out for me.  Don’t sweat the small stuff folks:

Here is Munson and I when we first met:

I’m Brad Pitt…..

In summation we are reminded daily we are here for a short time not a long time.  No matter what night what division Doctor got:

Also, folks like to talk shit about who does this, who does that;Thursday B are like how are your fucking Wednesday and Friday hangovers motherfuckers?  I can answer that, they are awful.  Thursday B ,yep we professionals idiots, come, roll, pay tab, tip server, have fun with our crew:

Rest of the league like:

Now, honestly let’s put all this bullshit Tuesday/Thursday A/B shit aside.  Want to talk that shit with your crew that enjoys it;have at it pal.  It is a waste of air, and causes bad will.  You do your thing, let other people do theirs, not that hard, that I said I’m still gonna talk shit about all of it.  Here are DDJ, Farmer, Sparkles, Rick Vaughn and Cheese (all potential pledges in the #Thunderfrat) telling me I am full of shit:

When Munson and I practiced at Yankee lanes we always put this tune first.  10 minutes for a quarter:

Now let’s get in there tonight and crush it like we do Monday through Sunday every single day of the week from January through May and beyond.  BoPo style:

Holy fuck wrong link, not that I’m against that, I’m a #girldad, here is what I was going for:

Geeeeeezum, Eddie has got the fucking chomps.  Top 5 worst song ever IMHO, and literally song GB plays for every girl he is courting to see if she is the one.  Somewhere Dick Whitman is saying cheers:






The beer sat there 


but not



I have friends scattered all over

the place



I am completely alone


a girl

because that is what she



barely twenty-one

saunters in

white long sleeve shirt

low cut front


some sort of bandanna

with some sort of smell


asked him if he wanted

“the light one”


walked to the other side of

the bar


they hugged

I wanted to light


both on fire


I had

I said I had

a lot of friends


now I am 

sort of 





the un and alone


So to all of BoPo we want to thank you:




















12 thoughts on “Thursday B Lines

  1. Loose Lucy is my delight
    She comes running and we ball all night
    Round and round and round and round
    Don’t take much to get me on the ground
    She’s my yo-yo, I’m her string

    What a great show. Capital Centre.

    Loose Lucy breakout, crowd goes wild

    Brent really shines on Big River

    Drop that Gorby Dot and hold on for life……

    2nd set the Playing->UJB>Playing is on fire. The Phil Bombs really punch you in the gut around the 7:30 mark.

    Forget bowling, I am going home to listen to this show.

    Dan Healy aka God of Sound, had everything dialed in.

    Thank you (Dr Blunder), for a real good time!

    Dream of strikes……

  2. I heard that peanut gutter was in the house this week checking our new balls.
    Is he coming out of retirement?

      1. He’s welcome back on ICBING anytime. I’m just keeping his captain chair warm until he does.

  3. These lines are dope. Gonna pump up the squad with ’em. Thanks for the effort Doc! I liked how it ended with a poetry assignment from your sophomore year seminar on emotional writing. Nice work!

  4. Sneaky Pete was not amused. She thought I had fallen asleep on the couch (again)-did you fall asleep or did you pass out?

    Only to find me at 12:30 a.m. in front of my laptop laughing hysterically at the dining room table followed by a “go to bed!”……….

    If I could I would, but I don’t know how……screw it the good news was it was this dude’s favorite day of the week when I went to sleep:

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