Tuesday B

I apologize for the short and sweet this week Tuesday B!  These really can take longer than you think lol.  Should probably go back to starting them before Tuesday morning.  Ill bring it next week.


For those of you counting – My record picking the lines is 22-8 (73.3%) – Last week: 7-1 (87.5%)


Gunny Hartman



Budweiser’s (1-3) -5 vs. Poultry Assoc. (1-4)

Budweiser’s got their first win!!  If they can pull it off again this week that is the beginning of what we call a winning streak!  Buds own the team average advantage here.  They need to win again and it’s important to pile it on tonight to start to rack up some points.


Brooklyn Hookers (4-0) -3 vs. Wrecking Balls (4-1)  

Tuesday B Early Game of the Night here.  Wrecking Balls barely lost to Strikes on Tap last week.   Another extremely tough match tonight against another of our league’s top averages.  Hookers won easily last week but really bowled down to their competition- posting 581.6 team average last week, their lowest night of the season.  They do that again and Wrecking Balls will hand them an upset.


Burners (1-4) -5 vs. Mindz in the Gutter (2-3)

This is a tough one to predict… Should be burners but Mindz keeps finding ways to win.  Mindz beats Stones without their best bowler last week.  Burners got throttled by a hot Incredibowls.  These were the ‘greener’ pastures I referenced this week.  Burners bounce back tonight.


N.E.D. (4-1) -3 vs. B.A.R.E. (2-3)

The battle of the acronyms!!  NED has been racking up the wins and points.  By points NED is 3rd, only 2 back from Incredibowls.  BARE is much better than that 2-3 record they have.  I might say that they’re due.  I think BARE keeps it close, but the 30-pin deficit in team average has them losing in the third game.


Bowling Stones (2-3) -3 vs. Whoomp (3-2)

Stones have had a tough few weeks, dropping three in a row.  That’s exactly what we call a losing streak.  Stones gave me my only prediction loss last week, after I bet on them for the first time this season.  Finding a creative way to lose by mere pins every week has got to be getting to them.  They run into a hot Whoomp team on a streak of their own.  I said it last week for Budweiser’s, I’ll say it this week for Stones; This is a must win, do-or-die match if they want to contend at all this season.  Time to start grabbing some wins and points.





Bowl Trolls (2-2) -7 vs. Incredibowls (5-0)

B League Game of the Night here.  You wouldn’t think so by Trolls record, but when the Trolls have their entire team their average is a mind blowing 679.  Our league’s best by 40 pins.  Incredibowls have had a great run thus far but they are handed their first loss tonight.


Strikes on Tap (4-0) -5 vs. Ball That (2-3)

Strikes held on for the win last week, I really appreciate Cleaner dedicating the win to me!  I may have hoped you would lose but still picked you to win, improving my prediction stat line!  Strikes continues to win tonight.  Wonder who this win will be dedicated to??


Splits AF (1-4) -3 vs. B.I.L.F. (0-5)

At first glance this seems like an easy pick.  Nothing against BILF but any match of theirs seems like it is an easy prediction.  That just comes with the winless record, worst points total and second worst team average.  However, upon closer inspection they are only 20 pins behind Splits AF.  BILF has a real opportunity to grab a win here.  I still can’t pick them until they prove me wrong at least once though.  Hope they do!  Good luck BILF!

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